If you want to be swimming in your new pool in summer then you actually need to be planning the construction of your pool well before things start to warm up. It comes as no surprise that most people begin to think about buying a pool when it is already hot. Unfortunately, by the time you sort out a plan, get approval from local authorities and then get scheduled into your pool builder’s timeline, the chances are that your pool may not be fully finished until the following summer.

It pays to have everything sorted before summer starts if you want to enjoy a long summer of swimming

Naturally, spring and summer brings warmer and drier weather so most pool builders become very busy with pool installations during this time. The earlier that you solidify your plans the more likely it is that your pool will be ready for you to enjoy all summer long.

Planning the Pool ProjectTo a certain degree deciding what type of pool (and what pool company) to go with is the easy part. Once you’ve made that decision there is still a number of factors which can influence when your pool goes in the ground. A few of the things that impact on when your pool will be installed include:

  1. Your design plan: it’s one thing to decide what shape, size and brand of pool you want but before your pool plan can be submitted to authorities for approval you’ll have to decide on its exact position as well as where the pool enclosure boundaries will be. The sooner you make these crucial decisions the sooner your pool builder will be able to get the ball rolling for you.
  2. Obtaining Consent: before you install a swimming pool in your backyard you must obtain consent from your local council/planning authority. This process involves submitting a detailed plan of the pool and surrounding areas for their consideration. The approval process can take up to six weeks (sometimes longer if they ask for more information). During that time construction is unable to begin.
  3. Your pool builder’s production timeline: Once you have received the appropriate approvals, your pool builder can place your pool into their installation timeline. It is important to remember that your pool builder may have several pools ahead them before they can begin construction on your site. The earlier you get the ball rolling the more chance there is that your pool builder’s timetable will match yours.
  4. The type of pool you choose: it goes without saying that some pool types are far faster than others to install. Whilst a composite fibreglass pool can usually be installed over a number of days (with a typical handover in a couple of weeks), it can take several weeks or even months to complete a concrete pool.

The early bird gets the worm!

Although a Compass pool can be quick and easy to install, we still tell people that the best advice is to allow yourself several months to go through the planning and approval process. In other words if you truly do want to be swimming in your new pool on Christmas day it pays to have your pool contract locked in place by the beginning of spring.

The best advice is to have an honest conversation with your pool builder about the timeframes you can expect to work within. All companies are different and some will be “booked up” for summer sooner than others. If you are getting close to summer and your pool builder is suggesting that your pool will be installed within a tight time frame, make sure you’re not walking into an “over-promise/under deliver” situation.

Never sacrifice the pool you want for the sake of timing

It pays to remember that once your new swimming pool goes in the ground it is there forever, so make sure you are completely happy with what you are about to commit to. Once you have your heart set on one particular pool brand, don’t let timing get in the way, there will be plenty more summers to come!

It’s also a common misperception that if your pool is not in the ground for Christmas then you’ve missed the boat. NOT TRUE! The fact is the swimming season extends beyond January through to March and many people keep using their pools well into April and even later with pool heating systems.

The bottom line is that there is never really a ‘wrong’ time to order your new pool. If your pool is installed in winter it simply means you have plenty of time to complete the surrounding areas before summer arrives. If your pool is installed during summer it means you get to enjoy it straight away, even though the landscaping may not be finished. Either way, your pool will provide you with years of family fun!

Compass Pools Australia Pool 101 Timing your pool build so that you are ready to swim in summer

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