One thing that is often top of mind when buying a swimming pool is “will this be a good investment”. Naturally, when making improvements to your home, you want to ensure that you are being wise with the money you are spending.

The answer as to whether your pool will turn out to be a good purchase needs to be looked at from a few different angles.

A Swimming Pool will provide years of enjoyment, entertainment and health benefits to your family

Pool Adding Value to Your Home

Having a backyard pool can dramatically change your life at home for the better! Many families report that their swimming pool provides countless hours of entertainment for children (keeping active and away from screen time!), increases the amount of quality family time and can be used to boost fitness. Unlike spending money on a holiday, a swimming pool allows you to have resort-style living all summer long, every year!

If well-planned, a pool can add significant value to your home too

There tend to be two types of buyers in the housing market. The first group are the people who see a swimming pool in the backyard, and immediately see the house as a better option for them, thus a pool increases the perceived value of the property for this group of people.

The other group can see a swimming pool and wonder if it will be costly to run and take up too much time to keep clean and maintain. So it is essential that when buying a pool you investigate ways to make it appeal to as many people as possible.

A few simple considerations at the beginning of your pool buying process can make the world of difference when it comes to making sure your pool adds value to your home when the time comes to sell.

Here’s a few tips to help ensure your pool will add value to your home:

1. Consider location carefully

Take some time to think about the best area to place your pool. Be sure to think about sunshine, wind, proximity to the house, noise and aesthetics. Swimming pools are a great centrepiece of the backyard; in fact, you spend more time looking at them than you do swimming in them. The more appealing the pool looks from your living spaces, the better!

2. Choose your pool shape wisely

Like most things, pool shapes go in and out of fashion. For example in the 90’s kidney shaped pools were very common, but these days very few people buy them.  If you are thinking about future on-sale value it pays to choose shapes that have stood the test of time. Rectangular pools and pools with straight edges like the X-Trainer swimming pool and Vogue pool models have always remained best sellers because they seem to work in with most people’s tastes. Our Riviera swimming pool is a popular family pool.

3. Think carefully about depth

People often tell us they want their pool to be “as deep as possible” which is why we encourage you to think carefully about what depth will suit you best. Most people tend to enjoy their pool by standing and playing rather than actually swimming. This is one of the reasons we make the majority of our pools running shallow to deep; that way each pool model caters to people of different heights and abilities. Further to this, every model has a safety ledge running around the perimeter of the pool to allow a safe place to stand and rest.

4. Minimise effort

One of the things that can potentially scare people off swimming pools is the thought of having to look after it on a daily basis. It pays to think about the different things you can do to make your pool as “hands-free” as possible. In an ideal world, people want to be able to use their pool whenever they want with little preparation. These days swimming pools can be set up to be virtually hands-free. Our Vantage in-floor cleaning system ensures your water is properly circulated and that all debris is regularly removed from your pool without the need for manual cleaning or automatic vacuums. Our customers regularly report to us that this system has made their pool, and home easier to sell when on the market. It is one of the features you should go for when looking for “the best pool” that you’ll love. Pool chemical management systems such as the Gemini can also be added into your pump shed. These units essentially manage the day to day water chemistry in your swimming pool – all of the seemingly daunting work can now be managed by one simple machine.

5. Think about energy savings

The less your pool costs to run the better it is for you and the more attractive it will be to future buyers. Ask your pool consultant to walk you through the different options to help reduce power consumption. These days’ energy efficient pumps are very popular and come recommended by most pool dealers. But beware; when operating in reduced-flow mode you may find that your pool experiences a significant reduction in circulation quality. This often means you will end up spending more money trying to keep your pool water clean and healthy. The most effective way to have a low-energy pool is to mix energy efficient equipment with a circulation method that ensures maximum mixing water. Traditional circulation systems tend to only move/mix the top 2ft of water in your pool leaving the deeper water to become the perfect breeding ground for algae and bacteria.  Talk to us about the two different ways you can boost circulation, save energy and have healthier water in your pool.

One of the FREE services that all Compass Pools dealers offer is an onsite pool consultation. These meetings usually take 1-2 hours and are designed to help you get answers to all the important questions before investing in a pool.

Here’s a few of the questions we can help with on the day:

  • Where is the best spot to put a pool?
  • What size pool is ideal for my family?
  • What shapes will work best for my backyard and budget?
  • What can be done to reduce ongoing maintenance work?
  • What can be done to reduce the power my pool will use?

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