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Like the sound of a self-cleaning pool but find yourself wondering if it is too good to be true?

Buying a pool is a big deal for most people, so it stands to reason that we all have a desire to make smart choices that get the best value for money from our investment.

So begs the question, is a self-cleaning pool really as good as it sounds and is it worth the extra investment? Well, the best answer to that is don’t take our word for it. There are literally tens of thousands of families across Australia and New Zealand and who are enjoying resort style living at home thanks to their self-cleaning compass pools. We’re willing to bet that they are happy to share their positive reviews with anyone who asks. If you find yourself in need of a little reassurance, why not ask your local Compass Pool dealer to put you directly in touch with local pool owners who can tell you about their experience?

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Compass Pool owners love sharing the news about Compass Self-cleaning pools

We recently received this wonderful feedback from a Compass Pool owner in New Zealand.  After moving to a new house with an existing pool they have the unique insight into the differences between owning a self-cleaning pool and a traditional in-ground fibreglass pool. We think their story captures the value the Vantage system perfectly…

“When our family moved to a new house two years ago, our self-cleaning Compass Pool was definitely the hardest thing to leave behind.

We’re based in New Zealand and our Local Compass Pools Dealers were Central Pools. They had installed the sparkling new X-trainer about a year earlier when we had no intention of leaving any time soon. But the right property unexpectedly presented itself and we were forced to downgrade from our Compass Pool, while we upgraded our growing family’s living space.

The decision to install a swimming pool had been hugely exciting for our family, especially our two young children. However, at the time I did have my reservations about the ongoing work required and how much time I would spend cleaning and maintaining the pool, versus swimming in it.

Then Steffan from Central Pools told us about the Vantage self-cleaning pool system that was fast gaining a positive reputation among busy families.

I admit both my husband and I were sceptical. Could a pool really clean itself properly, or would it do half the job while we were left to clean up the rest with a hand skimmer or vacuum?

We are busy business owners with a young family – the last thing we wanted was another job to add to the home maintenance list, or for the enjoyment of the pool to be outweighed by the cleaning burden.

We trusted the advice we were given and invested in a X-trainer Compass Pool with the Vantage self-cleaning system. It was a decision we did not regret – one that made the pool the hardest part of our beloved first home to leave behind. If it had been at all economical, or realistic, we would have pulled it out of the ground and taken it with us!

The self-cleaning pool was exactly that – self-cleaning. Not once did I clean the pool and it constantly looked sparkling and added an attractive focal point to the backyard.

In sharp contrast, the pool we own now is not self-cleaning.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful and I am very grateful to be a pool owner, but it does require a lot more effort and attention to keep it looking great. We have purchased a robotic pool cleaner which does the job for us, but the pool is large and it takes at least two cycles to clean it. The robot cannot be in the pool when the kids are swimming and it’s quite heavy to lift out alone, certainly for a child.  The basket inside it also needs regular emptying – which is not a glamorous job – and the robot will eventually require new parts or full replacement.

There were other benefits to our Compass Pool too…

The Vantage in-floor cleaning system kept the water moving, circulating it thoroughly from the bottom of the pool to the surface. It makes sense that if any kind of water sits for too long it becomes stagnant and a breeding ground for algae and bacteria. Without this complete water movement, our current pool requires more chemicals to keep it clean and healthy and more effort to keep the water balanced.

The water circulation from the Vantage self-cleaning system also eliminated unpleasant cold spots in the pool. The nozzles were flush mounted into the fibreglass pool shell and sent all the debris to a collection zone, pushing it towards a drain on the pool floor. The whole lot was subtle, effective and went on behind the scenes while we enjoyed the pool.

The self-cleaning system required little effort on our part– it truly does work.

If we were looking at installing another pool, our family would certainly opt for a Compass Pool with the Vantage self-cleaning system again.”

Michele H, NZ

How much extra does it cost to upgrade to a self-cleaning pool?

The Cost of upgrading to a self-cleaning pool varies depending on the size and shape of your pool. In most cases the extra investment falls between $8,000 and $10,000.

When deciding if adding the Vantage cleaning and circulation system is right for you, it pays to consider the following points:

  1. Vantage significantly reduces your pool chemical consumption (approx. 50% less).
  2. Vantage makes it easier and more cost effective to heat your pool.
  3. Vantage eliminates the need to buy expensive and cumbersome cleaning equipment (Like robotic cleaners).
  4. Vantage reduces your need for costly pool valet services.
  5. Vantage saves you from having to spend your valuable time on daily pool maintenance.
  6. The main feature of your backyard will always look great and be ready to use.
  7. Vantage adds appeal to future buyers and therefore adds value to your home

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