Buying a swimming pool can be a really exciting experience, but if you want to be sure that you remain happy with your choices for years to come, it pays to put yourself in the shoes of a pool owner rather than a pool buyer.

What to consider when buying a swimming pool

When buying a swimming pool there are natural and obvious things to think about. Careful consideration should go into important aspects like:

  • Shape
  • Size
  • Colour
  • Location in backyard
  • Salt vs Chlorine
  • Lighting
  • Price

Although these seem like the most important considerations, truth be told, these factors become less important to you once the pool is in the ground and the novelty has worn off.

Ask any pool owner who has an inkling of dissatisfaction with and they usually say things like:

  • “We don’t use it as much as we would have liked”
  • “The kids never clean it so it’s just another job for me”
  • “It costs more than I thought it would to run”
  • “We’ve had to do a bit more pool maintenance than we’d like”
  • “It doesn’t look as good as it used to”

In other words; what matters to you most once the pool is in the ground, is often different to what matters to you most when you are choosing which pool to buy.

Make your swimming pool always look shiny with the right choices

With that said, here’s a few things you might like to think about when weighing up your options:

What does life look like for you as a pool owner?

Most of the people we talk to, tell us that their dream of having a pool looks like enjoying fun and relaxing times with friends and family. In fact, the picture people most often describe is resort style living at home. Before making your choice, it’s a good idea to get an understanding of what time,effort and cost might be required from you from a pool maintenance point of view.

If you find yourself having to regularly clean your pool, or prepare it for swimming before jumping in each time, will you end up using it less than you envisaged?

This is where a self-cleaning system like Vantage can come in handy. The pool is always clean. There is almost no need to manually vacuum. There’s no mucking about with pool cleaners and you never have to do any work before you swim!

What will you really be using the pool for?

Spend some time considering what you’ll use the pool for. Is it exercise, casual relaxing swims, or fun and games? Knowing how you’ll spend your time in the pool will help you chose the right shape and will go a long way to ensuring you use the pool more!

Swimming laps or relaxing how will you use your pool as a pool owner

How important is it that running costs and pool maintenance costs are kept low?

The ongoing costs associated with running your pool can become a bug-bear for some people – the good news is that if you think about it during the process of buying a swimming pool you can make choices that keep your pool maintenance and running costs to an absolute minimum.

There tend to be three cost centres when it comes to swimming pool ownership:

  1. Electricity to run your pumps/filtration equipment (and heating systems if applicable)
  2. Chemicals to keep your pool water balanced and safe to swim in
  3. Maintenance to keep your pool looking like new

Arguably, the most important factor that influences the above cost centres is pool filtration. Put simply, the better your circulation system, the less it costs to run your pool.

When a pool is fully circulated from top to bottom, you do not experience stratification of the water (this is where you get a layer of warm water at the top and colder water beneath). Instead, all water is properly mixed meaning the warmer surface water is mixed with the colder deep water and bug cleaning agents are thoroughly mixed throughout the pool. Highly circulated pools have a more even water temperature, use less chemicals and lose less heat. The Compass Vantage system, for example, reduces chemical consumption by approximately half of what you would expect to use on a standard eyeball and skimmer (traditional) pool filtration system.

Another good way to reduce ongoing pool running costs is to consider the equipment you use on your pool. These days pool management equipment is more advanced than ever.

Energy efficient pumps can dramatically cut electricity consumption, but it is important that you remember these pumps run at lower speeds and can compromise circulation. If you opt for an energy efficient pump you should always couple it with an enhanced circulation and pool filtration system. This will help to ensure that you keep costs low without compromising water quality.

Smart chemical dosing systems also help to reduce the time and cost involved with looking after a pool. Salt chlorinators, pH monitoring systems and automated chlorine feeders can take away the leg work and ensure your pool maintains the right chemical balance.

Another thing to consider in this regard, is the quality of your equipment. If you end up with under-spec’d gear, then everything becomes harder to manage. If your pumps are too small or your filter is inadequate, then your pool will be at higher risk of going green which will cost you more in the long run. Similarly, cheap gear might save you money now, but if you are constantly repairing or replacing equipment you will have regrets!

And on the topic of long-term maintenance; make sure you do your homework. Concrete and Vinyl liner pools tend to require regular maintenance like re-surfacing and re-lining. Most fibreglass pools require very little maintenance other than simple cleaning and water balance management.

Consider self cleaning pool to minimise pool maintenance cost and effort

What will your pool be like 2, 5 even 10 years from now?

One thing we like to remind people of, is that we actually spend more time looking at our pools than we do swimming in them! Your pool will become a major visual feature of your home and it should be enjoyed year-round.

All pools look great at the beginning of their lifetime, but not all will stand the test of time. It pays to do some research so that you can satisfy yourself that what you buy today will still look great well into the future.

Ask about cosmetic and structural warranties and then look for product reviews to ensure you are buying a quality product. Did you know that every single Compass Pool is made with strict quality control conditions to ensure we can offer a pool that lasts a lifetime?

Each and every pool is allocated a unique number tracked throughout the build process right down to the tiniest detail. This helps us ensure that every pool that leaves the factory will perform as we promise!

Will your pool be attractive to the next owners when you sell your home?

It always pays to consider how your pool will impact on the sale of your home when the time comes to move on. The more a potential buyer sees the pool as an asset (and not a liability) the better the chances of your pool contributing to a higher sale price.

Here’s some tips to ensure your pool is attractive to the next people:

  1. Consider how they will use it – choose a size and shape that appeals to the masses.
  2. Keep running costs low – the cheaper a pool is to run the more people like it.
  3. Take the hard work away – the less time and energy the pool requires the happier people feel about owning it.
  4. Remove the risk – look for a pool with solid warranties that can be passed on to the new owners!

Thinking like a pool owner enables you select a pool that will look great in years to come


To sum up I’ll leave you with this thought:

The average pool buyer ends up having their pool for 10 years (120 months). The process of buying and installing a swimming pool takes up only a few of those months. Yes, you have to get the basic obvious stuff right. But if you really want to maximise the value of your pool and be totally satisfied that you have made the right choice you need to think about the factors that will impact your enjoyment for the remaining  months after you buy the pool!

If you would like some guidance through the decision-making process, then get in touch with your local Compass Pools dealer. Our pool consultants can take a look at your backyard and then sit with you and discuss what is really important to you. They will then make recommendations so that you end up with a setup that is right for you. The best part is that it is free and there is absolutely no obligation or expectation for you to buy a pool…so why wouldn’t you?

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