We have a pool for every family. We at Compass believe that any of these fibreglass pools can be a good family, whether big or small. All the pools provide the opportunity to enjoy your pool both for fitness and fun. Swimming, relaxing and playing water games with your family and friends was never easier. Larger pools provide space for more people so your teenage children can throw their pool parties, however small pools can also provide a lot of enjoyment for families. If you don’t have a lot of space, a smaller pool might be the only thing that will fit. A plunge pool could still provide great entertainment for a family who just wants a splash and relax. At night, the plunge pool can also provide a space for parents to unwind. The new Plunge 7.0 manufactured since January 2018 is great for kids because it provides a full-length bench for little ones to walk along and steps to allow easy entry. Similarly, the larger Vogue pools give a bench for small kids to play.

The Contemporary Pool

There’s a Contemporary to suit every backyard. Deep in the centre and shallow at both ends – these contemporary fibreglass swimming pools are perfect for family entertainment. Contemporary is the perfect choice for a family pool. Coming in one length but with a custom length option, it fits most middle-sized backyards.

Compass fibreglass pool shape Contemporary 9.5

Contemporary 9.5

9.52m x 4.28m
1.28m - 1.71m

The Vogue Pool

Vogue is one of the most popular pool shapes in our portfolio. The pinnacle in contemporary pool design, making it the perfect centrepiece for your landscaped entertaining area. Its modern shape is enhanced by the symmetry of centrally positioned entry steps and bench seat, combining style and functionality.

Compass fibreglass pool shape Vogue 10.2

Vogue 10.2

10.2m x 4.2m
1.09m - 1.93m
Compass fibreglass pool shape Vogue 9.4

Vogue 9.4

9.4m x 4.2m
1.09m - 1.86m
Compass fibreglass pool shape Vogue 8.2

Vogue 8.2

8.2m x 4.2m
1.09m - 1.75m
Compass fibreglass pool shape Vogue 7.15

Vogue 7.15

7.15m x 3.6m
1.09m - 1.68m