The hands-free pool system takes care of cleaning the swimming pool

People think that cleaning a swimming pool requires a lot of time and heavy work. If you are considering a swimming pool but are afraid of the time needed to clean the pool, then a pool with the Vantage pool cleaning and circulation system might be a solution for you. You do not need to know how to clean the pool because your pool will clean itself. To learn more about our exclusive hands-free swimming pool, click on the button below, watch the above video or continue reading. Get a pool you don’t have to clean.

What are the main benefits of pool circulation systems?

Video transcription: With ten years’ experience working with Compass Pools, probably the biggest inclusion for a swimming pool that makes the biggest difference when I talk to people and revisit pool owners is certainly the Vantage in-floor cleaning and circulation system. Everyone gets really excited by the fact that it cleans the swimming pool. That’s a great thing and we love the fact that it does. But the in-floor cleaning and circulation is so much more than that.

It’s a system that is designed to effectively circulate the pool water. Let’s face it, a swimming pool is very similar to a bath, it’s just a lot bigger. If you get in the bath at night and make the water all dirty, when you get out you can pull the plug. You can’t pull the plug easily on your swimming pool. So some time ago, the industry determined, how do we make that pool healthy? To do it, we’ve done it through the use of sanitisers and a fairly basic circulation system.

That circulation system consists of a skimmer box. That skimmer box system, which is installed at the top of the pool, is the only exit point for water. This is a real challenge because that system is purely taking the water from the very top of the pool, taking it usually through a pump, a filter, a sanitiser and then returning it at the opposite end of the pool, generally through two return lines.

Anybody who works in the pool industry knows that is a fairly ineffective way to treat water. How we know this is, if you go up and put your foot into the top layer of the swimming pool and say, that feels nice, and then you dive into that pool, you’re going to get a very distinct temperature difference. The water on the top is heated by the sun that continually travels across the pool and that warm water actually accumulates or lifts up all the chemicals. So they sit very concentrated in that top layer of pool water.

The idea with an in-floor cleaning and circulation system is to stir that chemical right back through the pool so we have a chemically treated pool that is healthy from top to bottom. All the chemicals don’t just stay in the top layer where they are getting evaporated and you’re having to spend more money trying to make that pool look after itself. Circulation is one of those fundamental aspects that we really want to get right in the swimming pool.

Not only does Compass have its Vantage in-floor cleaning and circulation system but Compass also has another system that is designed to circulate water effectively. This is fundamentally different from what any other pool manufacturer is producing today. The benefit of these systems is not only do we get a healthy pool from top to bottom, we also get a pool temperature that is even right throughout the pool.

We’re able to reduce the chemical consumption within the swimming pool and we’re also effectively able to reduce the electricity draw on the pool from having water so effectively turned over in the swimming pool and by the ability to employ energy efficient pumps with both of those systems.

There are lots of different options when it comes to the inclusions you choose with your Compass pool. Each of those options that suit a range of budgets have been carefully considered to ensure that we’re doing the absolute utmost in how we treat that water, how we effectively turn and stir that water through the pool. We want to ensure that we make it healthy for everybody to swim in that pool with the least possible effort, time and energy having to be spent on your pool. Give one of the team a call today on 1300 667 445.

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