How much does a swimming pool cost? Great advice for anyone doing research about buying a pool

Video transcription: Often people will walk into Compass or they’ll give us a call on the phone and they’ll say, how much for a swimming pool? It’s such a great question and is a difficult one to immediately answer. There are just so many different options and inclusions and site differences and things that are particular or may be particular about that pool. These will change the overall cost.

It’s not dissimilar from someone walking into a car yard where there are a whole range of cars on offer and saying, how much for a car? No one really does that because we’ve all been educated enough to know what a car is and that there are lots of different inclusions you can have.

The pool industry is not dissimilar except you probably don’t have as much information. You certainly will when you come and talk to us. If I was the salesman of a car and I said to you, would you like power steering and air conditioning with that car, you’d probably look at me today and think, this guy is crazy. Of course I want that.

There are very similar inclusions to power steering and air conditioning that you can put in your pool that are just as important as the way you see that in a motor car. They’re the things that we really want to drill down on and we’d like to talk to you about or at least make available to you. Then when you make a decision on this, you’re making a well informed decision for the long term. Give one of the team a call today on 1300 667 445.

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