Get the swimming pool you want while working to your budget

Video transcription: As a pool planner, the number one question that I get asked nearly every day of my life is how much does that pool cost? It’s a great question, it really is, but the truthful answer is how long is a piece of string? It comes down to exactly what you want and on your site.

The things to think about in being able to even give you even a ballpark range is how big do you want your pool to be? Do you want it to be five metres or do you want it to be fifteen metres? Do you want to have a very automatic system so that you aren’t manually cleaning your pool, it’s looking after itself, it’s the easiest thing in the world to own? Do you want your pool to look spectacular at night with beautiful lights in it? Do you feel that you might want to heat this pool? Do you feel that you need to have a cover over this pool?

They’re all accessory type choices that you either need to do in the first instance or you can get them later. That’s a big deal to a lot of people, what is going to be a part of it. So you’ve got your pool and accessory type things as one of the main parts of your budget.

Then we move into what fundamentally is probably the most important part of it. That is the operating system. That is what it is like to own a pool. I often tell people, if you don’t really put much thought into it and you’re all about the cheapest quote, cheapest quote then that pool will likely, in my experience, be more expensive to own. For the sake of a ballpark figure, if you say, yes, I do want something energy efficient so my electricity bills aren’t going to skyrocket or anything like that, it makes sense to get equipment that is that little bit better. That is going to give you the room to move within a ballpark figure.

The operating system, the cleaning system of the pool, do you want to buy a robot cleaner, do you want to have in-floor cleaning in the pool, those types of things is the second part of where you should be aiming some of your budget for.

Then obviously you’ve got to build the pool. You’ve got your installation. You might have a beautiful site with nice topsoil or you might have a clay site, you might have a rock site. You might have that little bit tighter access. A crane may be required to lift your pool, or an excavator may be able to do it. Those things are apart from the options and choices and the nice things that you can have which are the smarter way to be able to pull back on things so you can actually build a pool within your budget.

What you do is you get a good understanding of what you have to make a decision on, what you have to do now, what you can’t do later. Things like pool heating, love it, fantastic, but you can do something like that a little bit later on.

For the pool built to a structural level, on average for most of my customers I would say anywhere from a five metre pool through to a twelve metre pool, from basic but nice with nice features in it, which make it easier to own, through to every bell and whistle you can possibly imagine on a pretty standard sort of a site, so not on a rooftop or a cliff face or anything like that, I would say you would want to budget anywhere from $28,000 through to maybe $50,000. Most of our customers would sit $30,000 to $35,000, $40,000, $45,000. It really depends on what they want and that’s how long is a piece of string. Give one of the team a call today on 1300 667 445.

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