Know Your PoolKnow your pool ecosystem

The first step in understanding your pool ecosystem is appreciating that your installed swimming pool structure is a complex system. Like any complex system, there are various components and there are interactions between the components that need to be understood and controlled. The main components can be grouped as:

  1. The fibreglass pool shell manufactured by Compass Pools Australia
  2. The pool equipment manufactured by various pool equipment companies
  3. The installation components such as concrete coping beam and drainage
  4. The site conditions such as soil type and topography

There are also various control measures that ensure (in most situations) that the interaction between the components is predictable and can be controlled. The main control measures can be grouped as:

  1. Australian Standards and engineering guidelines for the manufacture and installation of the pool shell in various soil and ground conditions
  2. Australian Standards and performance and safety guidelines for the installation and operation of pool equipment

The second step in understanding your pool ecosystem is recognising that problems can still arise, despite the fact that:

  1. Compass pool shells are structurally designed and engineer certified in accordance with Australian Standards and industry best practice, and that;
  2. Compass pool shells are only installed by authorised dealerships that are required to comply with Australian Standards and industry best practice, and that;
  3. Compass authorised dealerships typically use high performance pool equipment

So, the final step in understanding your pool ecosystem is to be aware of your responsibilities as the pool owner, as clearly explained in this Pool Owner’s Guide.

Note: Problems can arise as a result of your actions or inactions when dealing with environmental factors. For instance, an extreme storm event can result in a sudden increase in groundwater levels, which can place pressure on the outside of your pool shell. If you respond in the wrong way to this situation, your pool shell may be damaged, and such damage may not be covered by the manufacturers warranties.

A summary of your responsibilities can be found in the Pool Owner’s Checklist section of this guide.