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Compass Pools Australia Cost of infinity pools Inifnity pool inspirations Pool and spa combo with 2 water walls
An infinity pool adds a real touch of exclusivity and luxury to your backyard, as well as making your swimming experience more relaxing. But what does an infinity pool cost? How is it constructed? And what are the main benefits for you and your family? Here we answer all your questions about infinity pools, ...
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Compass Pools Australia Backyard pool design ideas X Trainer small backyard pool with a deck
Buying a swimming pool for your backyard is an exciting and worthwhile experience. But it is important to plan carefully if you want this important investment to offer you maximum value for money. Here are some of the main factors you need to consider, and some of our favourite pool design ideas, to make ...
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Compass Pools Australia Merry Christmas and PF 2019
We have had a wonderful year 2018 at Compass. It was thanks to you: Compass Pool owners, our dealers, suppliers, partners, communities and everyone else involved. We want to thank you for your continual support. We wish you all the best for the festive season and all the best into 2019. Your Compass Pools ...
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Compass Pools Australia A pool with a nice deck and water wall feature
A water feature can transform your swimming pool into a stunning design centrepiece in your backyard, and they are becoming more and more popular across Australia. But what type of water feature will work best for you? How much will it cost? And when is the ideal time to have a water feature built? ...
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Compass Pools Australia Pool landscaping ideas A small pool above the ground with windows plus a wodden deck and seating area
Having a swimming pool built in your backyard is an exciting move, and it provides you with a wonderful design feature which adds aesthetic value as well as functionality to your property. But getting your pool landscaping right takes care and consideration, as it can make all the difference to the appearance and usability of your ...
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Compass Pools Australia A guide to intelligent pools Smart pools
Homes are becoming smarter all the time. But is your swimming pool keeping pace? Here’s everything you need to know about smart pools, and what you should be looking for in a smart pool system. What is a smart pool? A smart pool is just like a smart home. Modern technology and innovations in ...
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Compass Pools Australia Backyard pool by Gordon Ave Pools and Spas
Backyard pools are an integral part of the Australian outdoor lifestyle. There’s no better feeling than plunging into your own pool and enjoying the water with family and friends. But why do we love our swimming pools so much? And how can you make sure your pool is a stunning design feature that will ...
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Compass Pools Australia All about solar pool heating
Solar heaters are the most popular method of heating swimming pool water in Australia. But if you are looking to invest in a solar heating system for your backyard pool, it is important to do plenty of research. Solar heating has advantages and disadvantages, and with so many different systems on the market, it’s ...
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Compass Pools Australia Find a Pool Builder in South Sydney Local Pools and Spas Swimming Pools Installed 07
Swimming pools are extremely popular in Sydney backyards, and it’s easy to see why. A pool offers a great way to stay fit and healthy, relax with family and friends, and enjoy the wonderful Sydney climate for many months of the year. But before you buy a swimming pool, there are some major factors ...
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Compass Pools Australia Pool heating options
When you are planning your backyard swimming pool, it is important to consider which type of pool heating system to choose. There are a number of different options available, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here’s what you need to know about the different types of pool heating to help you choose ...
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Compass Pools Australia Above Ground Self Cleaning Swimming Pool and Spa with Pool Lights Leongatha
Your swimming pool is a beautiful design feature in your backyard, and you need to be able to enjoy it at any time of the day or night. This means you will need the right lighting for your pool. But which type of lighting to choose? And how do you create the perfect pool ...
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Compass Pools Australia Swimming Pools Melbourne X Trainer self cleaning pool and spa in Yarraville by Compass Pools Melbourne
Many residents of Melbourne enjoy having their own swimming pools in their backyards. A pool is a wonderful addition to any home — you can spend quality time swimming and relaxing with family and friends, host pool parties, or simply indulge in some quiet time alone in the water. Owning a swimming pool in Melbourne is ...
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Selecting Between a Pool and Spa Combo and a Swim Spa
Selecting the right swimming pool or spa is a very personal choice which comes down to your individual needs and circumstances. Before you commit to a significant outlay, it’s important to look at all the options so you can be absolutely sure you’re making the right decision for you. These days, people often find ...
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What a Great Feeling

121000 AUD given to McGrath Foundation
Wow! What a great feeling ... We just gave $121,121 to the McGrath Foundation. We promised them $65,000 and we blew that out of the water! A big thanks to our dealer network and of course all of the wonderful families that chose to purchase a Compass Pool in 2017! It's been an absolute ...
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Is My Site Suitable for Swimming Pool
One of the first things to consider is whether your home is well-suited to installing a swimming pool. In most cases, your site will be absolutely fine (provided you have enough space). When our consultants come to your house they’ll check your property to ensure they give you the right advice. Slope If you ...
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Plunge Pools
Compass Pools is proud to introduce some exciting new pool design options for 2018! Always on the pulse of the latest industry developments and aware of the needs of our customers, we felt it was time to extend our range, making it easier than ever before to achieve the custom pool you’ve always wanted ...
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Compass Pools Australia Giving Back Milestone Achieved
We at Compass Pools are delighted to share the good news that we recently hit a major milestone in our Giving Back charitable initiative. This is something extremely close to all our hearts, and we want to thank our valued customers for enabling us to get behind several extremely important causes in this way ...
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Compass Pools Australia Henty Machinery Days Sept 2017 Supreme Pools Dealer
A crowd just shy of 60,000 people flocked to the Henty Machinery Field Days in September 2017. Henty Machinery Field Days is home of Australia’s premier mixed farming event. Located in the heart of the nation’s food bowl in southern NSW, on the Cookardinia Road just off the Olympic Highway, mid way between Wagga ...
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Compass Pools Australia NSW SPASA Awards 2017 Local Pools and Spas 1200
All of us at Compass Pools want to send our huge congratulations to our Sydney dealers, Local Pools and Spas, who won four awards at the prestigious NSW SPASA Awards recently. It was a hugely successful night for them. We’re delighted at their success as we enjoy a long-lasting and highly productive relationship with ...
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Compass Pools Australia Pinking up the website October 2017 Featured
We're pinking up this October, the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, to help the McGrath Foundation bridge the divide in access to breast care nurses across Australia. Right now, 79 more McGrath Breast Care Nurses are needed to bridge the divide between the 56,000 families already supported by the McGrath Foundation, and those families still ...
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