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Infinity Pool by Compass
Before Compass created the Maxi Rib technology, fibreglass pools could be installed only on a flat ground. However, it is now possible to install a fibreglass pool on sites which previously would have been considered either too difficult or virtually impossible to proceed. Thinking of an infinity pool? Infinity pools have gained great popularity over ...
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Fibreglass Pools Promotion - CPM Sales Expo Special Package News
Compass Pools Melbourne, a Compass Pools Australia authorised independent dealer, is making this attractive offer to people thinking of buying a pool in Melbourne. For the whole week ending on 26 February 2017, every customer buying a Compass fibreglass swimming pool with Vantage or Logic is entitled to purchase a special upgrade worth $7,000 ...
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Compass Pool saves home and helps firefighters in Christchurch
On 15 February, fires stroked Christchurch Port Hills, just at the east boundary of a house equipped with a brand-new Compass Pool. The home and probably others were saved thanks to the pool which was used as a water tank filled with water from a nearby fire hydrant. There are so many benefits of ...
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CPA News - Fibreglass Pools Multimedia Knowledge Base - Compass Pools Australia Video Library
From now on you can find all our handy videos on one page. Explore technology videos, find out more about planning a pool, pool costs or the fibreglass pool construction process. Learn from our knowledgeable staff and become well informed to make that important decision on buying a pool.At Compass, we try to provide ...
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CPA News - Fibreglass Pools News - Comparing Pool Shell Prices
This article has been written to express why its actually not possible to provide accurate pricing on a website without a qualified pool builder coming to site to provide a proper scope of works Is comparing pool shell prices a good way to compare pool companies? The short answer is no, it doesn't make sense, ...
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CPA News - Wollongong Bostock Pools and Spas Award
Bostock Pools named Master Builder “Pool Builder of the year” for the third year in a row The mum and daughter team from Bostock Pools in Wollongong have done it again, taking out the prestigious Master Builders “Pool builder of the Year” award in the Fibreglass category for the third year in a row ...
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