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Many people want a pool to lounge in somewhere in their backyard, but their budget constraints make them consider buying a low-cost pool. But, are the cheapest pools worth it, and how does one define an affordable pool? If you pick out from a range of cheap swimming pools, won’t you make up for it later with maintenance and problems because it uses lower-quality materials?

If you’re considering buying a cheap pool, this is for you. We’ll go over everything you need to know about buying the cheapest pools available, and we’ll give you several alternatives that you may want to consider. This way, you know you’re going to get the most bang for your buck with this large investment.

Factors that Influence Pool Costs

What factors determine whether a pool gets a cheap or high price? Are some factors more influential? There are several factors that go into deciding your pool’s final costs, and there’s a big difference between high-end pools and the cheapest pools. They include:

  • Size – A larger pool is more expensive than a smaller pool. It costs more to manufacture, transport and install. The running costs are also higher with a larger pool because you’ll have to buy more chemicals to keep it safe.
  • Design – A simple pool design like a rectangle with no frills is going to be much more cost-effective than an elaborate pool. If you add things like steps, jets and have more complicated features, you’ll pay for it in the pool’s final price.
  • Inground or Above Ground – Above ground pools require you to have a level area like a concrete slab to put them on, and this equates to a more affordable pool. An in-ground pool means you have to dig out the yard to suit your pool. It’s more labour-intensive, so it’s going to cost more.
  • Yard Access – When the company transports your pool to your home, they’ll have to get into your backyard to install the pool. If there are things in the way that the company has to work around, this will drive the cost up. The same goes for yards with odd shapes that the installation company has to accommodate to get your pool in place.
  • Pool Material – Plastic pools are examples of extremely cheap pools, but they don’t last long. Other materials include fibreglass and concrete. While you can’t call fibreglass cheap, it is more affordable than a concrete pool. Both last longer than plastic, though.

Concrete isn’t the pool you want if you’re after a low-cost pool. This is the most expensive and labour-intensive pool out there, even when compared to fibreglass. The company has to build your concrete pool from scratch right at your home, making it a very long and expensive process. A prefabricated pool like a fibreglass one will only take a few days, and this timeline goes down if you want it above ground.

Your budget will dictate the pool you end up with. You may be able to afford a more durable option if you sacrifice some of the extra features you want, such as an infinity edge or water features.

Compass Pools Australia In Ground fibreglass pools vs. cheap swimming pools

Above Ground Pools vs Inground Pools

Now that you know which factors play the biggest role in whether a pool has a cheap price tag or an expensive one, we’ll go over your options for an in-ground pool and above ground pool. This will help you understand your options and tailor your purchase to your needs and wants.

Above Ground Pools

Above-ground pools give you several awesome options. The installation process does not involve excavation, reducing the costs. All you need for your above ground pool to sit on is a level area, as well as an electrical hookup close by. Many people use a concrete slab instead of trying to level the ground because the ground can settle over time and knock the pool askew.

If you have a sloped yard that you don’t want to or can’t level, Maxi Rib technology allows you to have a gorgeous infinity pool. With the help of this pioneering technology, you can have the pool you want, and you won’t have to spend so much on excavation.

Once you get it on your level area and hook it up, all you have to do is fill it up and it’s ready to go. This adds a convenience factor to this affordable pool. You have a choice of several different above ground pools, including vinyl-lined, fibreglass and inflatable. They come with features such as metal frames or reinforced vinyl or plastic shells.

Many of these above ground pools come as complete kits. Once the company delivers and positions them, they’re ready to fill and use. If you decide to buy the cheapest pools available, you’ll spend more on maintenance and repairs to keep your pool in working condition than you would if you go for a slightly more expensive above ground pool.

Compass Pools Australia Above Ground Pools are installed without excavation reducing the costs

Vinyl-lined Pools 

Vinyl-lined pools have a straightforward setup process, and you can take them down and transport them if you move to another house. These types of affordable pools usually come with repair kits because they can get damaged. You can tear the lining, and then you have to patch it to make it waterproof again. Every five to seven years, you’ll have to replace the liner.

Cheap Inflatable Swimming Pools

Next are the cheapest pools of all, the inflatable pools. These are plastic pools that you blow up and fill with water. Since this is a very quick process, you can use it within hours. However, they’re not durable at all. They’re very easy to damage, and you can rip the walls or flooring if you’re not careful. They’re convenient, though – you can pack them up in the winter months or if you need to move them.

Fibreglass Pools 

When you get a fibreglass pool, you’re getting a fibreglass shell that will last a lifetime with proper care. Compass Pools offers Maxi Rib technology that supports the fibreglass shell. It fixes the pool to the ground or onto a concrete slab, and you can install it on sloping or uneven terrain. The company delivers the shell to you, so installation is relatively quick.

They do come pre-designed, so it’s not possible to customise them as much. However, there are several shapes, sizes and features you can pick from. Fibreglass pools also have bacteria and algae-resistant surfaces to make them more hygienic. You won’t use a lot of chemicals to clean them either, and you won’t have to resurface them. Although they definitely are not cheap pools, having a fibreglass pool installed is one of the best staycation ideas out there.

Compass Pools Australia The price of the swimming pools is determine by factors Pool size Pool material Above ground pool

Inground Pools

Generally speaking, inground pools are always more expensive than the above ground pool. Whichever company installs your pool will have to excavate your backyard before they can install your pool, and this means creating the pool involves more work. These factors all cause the price to go up.

Another important factor that affects the cost of your inground pool is the size. Usually, a plunge pool is the cheapest pool because it’s much shorter and less wide than a traditional pool. However, they’re much deeper. This allows you to relax and enjoy your pool. But, it also means that the company has to perform more excavation work, so this may not be a feasible option for your budget.

There are three main inground pool types to choose from: vinyl-liner, fibreglass and concrete. We mentioned earlier that concrete pools are the most expensive and labour-intensive option available, so most people go for vinyl-liner or fibreglass. There is a huge selection of prefabricated designs available in several colours. They’re easier to install, and the company will deliver the pool straight to your yard and install it into the ground without having to build it up from square one.

This helps control the costs, but it can be expensive if you have a yard with a difficult access point or if your yard has an irregular shape. For a more affordable pool option, many people choose fibreglass instead of vinyl-lined. Fibreglass is more durable and stronger, and it can last a lifetime. It is also easy to clean, saving you time. Vinyl-lined pools, on the other hand, are prone to damage. You’ll have to replace the lining periodically as well.

Concrete inground pools are at the top end of the cost spectrum

Little Pools Are a Viable Option

If these options all sound like they may be out of your budget, try a Little Pool – it is on the more cost-effective end of the spectrum. Little Pools are 100% above ground pool, saving you on labour costs. You’ll need an electric connection and a concrete slab for your pool to sit on, and you’re ready to fill it and use it. You’ll get a complete kit when you order your Little Pool that features steps, lighting and a filtration system. If you have money left over, you can get some nice extras.

Little Pools use the latest technology to ensure you get the best build quality on the market. We are Australia’s leading manufacturer of in-ground, full-sized fibreglass pools. And, our partnership with Little Pools means that their products are as long-lasting and durable as traditional fibreglass pools, and they’ll require minimal maintenance to last for years.

This does cause the price to go up slightly. But, it can be worth it to pay more upfront because the pool will more than makeup for it with the low-maintenance design.

Consider Little Pools self standing fibreglass pools for cost conscious pool owners

Check Compass Pools’ Durable and Lasting Fibreglass Pools

Anyone who wants a more durable pool and is willing to pay slightly more for it should take a look at the fibreglass pools available at Compass Pools. We have options available for a broad range of budgets, and we create the best fibreglass pools in Australia. Our pools use the highest-quality materials available combined with the newest technology on the market.

If you want to know more about our fibreglass pools, our blog has dozens of articles available. We have everything you need to get the most out of your new pool. Are you interested in learning more? If so, you should contact our team of dedicated pool experts at your local Compass Pools dealership. We’ll discuss your options and help you pick the best pool without breaking your budget.