Thinking of an infinity pool?

Infinity Building beautiful infinity pools with the Compass Maxi Rib Technologypools have gained great popularity over the past few decades. Often placed to stunning effect in holiday resorts and luxurious estates,  an infinity pool is designed to give the impression that it merges into the surrounding landscape. Sometimes, infinity pools are referred to as infinity edge, disappearing edge or negative edge pools. One of their characteristics is that there is at least one optically missing or invisible edge of the pool which enables the scenery to be viewed in a different perspective. The water flowing over this edge produces an effect of water with no boundary. Whether the view is of the sky, cityscape, trees, forest, lake or sea, this spectacular architectural element creates a remarkable showpiece for any home.

Constructing an infinity pool

As you would expect, constructing an infinity pool is not an easy task. At Compass Pools, we have all the knowledge required to master the extensive architectonic, structural, and mechanical detailing required. Our unique technologies enable us to build pools with a disappearing edge and our experienced pool builders can construct infinity pools even in very difficult conditions.

Infinity pools are usually built on sloping sites, so looking down from the hill creates that desired infinity effect. The pools are installed partially or completely above the ground and the pool shell requires a special support that enables this. Compass Pools Australia has developed a unique Maxi Rib technology that uses a rib-like structure to provide the necessary support to enable this type of installation. At some sites, the pool can be installed above the ground on a concrete platform, or it can be set down on the natural ground level. This means that all sites, including sloping, flat, and raised ground, can be catered for. The Maxi Rib system has been specifically created by Compass Pools engineer Charles Rickard. As Rickard says, thanks to this technology “it’s now possible to install a fibreglass pool on sites which previously would have been considered either too difficult or virtually impossible to proceed”. You can learn more about it in the Our Features section.

Are infinitive pools expensive?

You might have heard people saying that infinity pools are expensive. Thanks to our innovative engineering and product development, Compass Pools can now offer you more options  than ever before. In the past, fibreglass pools have been limited to inground installations on level sites. People with sloping or difficult site plans had to turn to concrete, which takes much longer to install and can cost tens of thousands of dollars more. It’s true that compared to an installation on a level site, sloping sites and free standing pools are more costly. However, our pool with Maxi Rib technology is a cost-effective solution. Maxi Rib pools have been installed on many different sites and we know exactly what to do to make your pool project simple to manage and cost effective.

The cost of the infinity edge pool is made up of three main areas:

  1. Manufacturing of a special edge on the swimming pool shell.
  2. Building the pool shell as free-standing with Maxi Rib technology or building the pool shell for normal installation with concrete beam retaining work to support the sides and top of the edge.
  3. The holding tank or hiding pool to hold the water.

Each installation requires an engineer to design the holding capacity, including hydraulics, support design and ground support.

You might also wonder how the size of the infinity pool affects the price. In some ways, size does not have a huge impact on cost. If you were planning on a 6m disappearing edge, it would require almost the same amount of work as a 9m edge. If the negative edge or infinity edge includes a corner of the pool there can be additional costs.

Discuss the project with us

Your infinity pool can have an automated cleaning system which would mean you save a lot of time and money for not having to clean it manually. If you would like to know more about this kind of project, we recommend you locate your authorised Compass pool builder in your area and discuss your ideas on your infinity pool with him, or just call 1300 667 445 to get in touch with us.

Infinity pool case study: Mirboo North, South Gippsland, Victoria

This pool installation was performed by Compass Pools Melbourne, an authorised Compass fibreglass swimming pool builder. Their clients had the most spectacular views of the natural hills of South Gippsland, however they wanted to extend this view by adding running water. Though there was already the perfect drop in thenatural ground, the existing slope had to be cut away to accommodate a purpose-built concrete slab. The pool builder then had to request that Compass build the pool with a 100mm drop in the coping (along the infinity edge).

The pool was also built using Maxi Rib technology to allow it to be freestanding. These ribs were filled with concrete. The pool was built with holding tanks in the ground designed to hold a third of the pool’s water capacity. Says Compass Pools Melbourne: “With this job, we dug the tanks into the ground covered with earth. We then custom built a catchment tank to feed these tanks. Once all this work was completed by us, the deck builder came in and framed out around the edge, tiled the edge and built the deck.”

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You can check more infinity pools case studies on the Compass Pools Melbourne website.

More infinity pools installed by Compass authorised pool builders

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