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Building a new home is an exciting project, as you get to create a home which is specifically designed to suit your needs. But it is important to consider how you want to use the whole of your new property, including the outdoor areas.

If you are building a new house, it can make sense to include a swimming pool from the beginning of the project. Here are a few good reasons why.

1. A pool offers increased quality of life

The whole point of designing and building a new house is to own a home which is built around your lifestyle. It is designed to be as functional as possible, with every space serving an important purpose.

The backyard plays an important part in this. The indoor and outdoor areas of your home should flow seamlessly into one another, to create a complete usable space which offers plenty of benefits unique to your own lifestyle needs and preferences.

Having your own swimming pool turns your backyard into a multi-functional leisure space, providing you with opportunities for fitness, relaxation and entertainment. The pool offers a great way to stay fit and healthy, as swimming is one of the best all-round forms of exercise. Water is also highly beneficial for stress reduction, relaxation and mental wellbeing. If you have children, a swimming pool is also a great place for family bonding, as you can all enjoy spending quality time playing games together in the water.

Additionally, your poolside area will provide you with an ideal space for entertaining guests. Hosting barbeques and pool parties are great ways to get to know your new neighbours, and also gives you an outdoor area where you can spend relaxing days with family and friends.

A pool can improve your quality of life in many different ways, and make your new home even more special for you and your family.

2. A pool makes your backyard more attractive

When you are planning the design of your new home, you will also need to think about the aesthetics of the outdoor areas. Good landscaping is needed to ensure your backyard is as attractive as possible.

Including a swimming pool goes a long way towards solving this issue. A pool is a beautiful design feature which acts as the centrepiece of your backyard. Once you have chosen the size and style of pool you want, you can decide where to position it, and the rest of your backyard can be planned around it.

This way you can make sure the design of your backyard is beautiful, with all the other elements coordinating with the appearance of the pool. You can include lighting to showcase the pool at night, and choose the right tiling and paving to make the pool area a seriously attractive place.

By creating this beautiful feature in your backyard, you can also improve your enjoyment of your new house, as you can look out onto a stunning view of your pool from your windows.

This is another reason why it makes sense to build your pool at the same time as building a new house, as you can create the layout of your backyard from the beginning, positioning your pool and all other elements of your yard so they look great from every angle, including from inside the house.

3. A pool is a large-scale construction project

Building a new house is a long and complex process, and it can cause disruption to your life while the construction process is going on. You just want the job to be finished so you can get the keys and move in.

While you are settling into your new home, you will want as much time to relax as possible. It will take time to get used to your new surroundings, so the last thing you need is any more construction work disrupting your lifestyle at this stage.

A pool is a large-scale construction project which can take weeks to complete. This is something you are unlikely to want to undertake if you have just gone through the process of building a new house. But you might realise that a pool would increase your quality of life, which means you will have to go to the trouble of excavating your new backyard and rethinking your landscaping. You will also have to be prepared for another construction project, with builders on your property each day until the pool is finished.

This is why, if you think you might want your own pool at some point in the future, it makes sense to have it built at the same time as the house. The pool then becomes part of the construction process, so it’s installed and ready to use as soon as you move in. This can make the settling in process even more enjoyable, and saves you the disruption of another building project in the future.

4. Building a pool requires access

In order to construct a swimming pool, your pool builder will need to have good access to the area where you want to position your pool. Most people choose to have their pools installed in the backyard, as this provides you with plenty of privacy, so you can swim, relax and entertain in comfort.

However, some backyards can be very difficult to access, which can cause complications when building a pool. This can increase the cost of your pool project, as more work will often be required to install a pool in an awkward place.

Because of this, if you are building a new house, it can be easier to build the pool first or at the same time as the house, as this offers the pool builder better access to your land. Once the house is completed, it may be far more difficult to access your backyard depending on the design, so you could save yourself a considerable amount of money by having the pool built first.

5. A pool is a good investment

A swimming pool can actually increase the value of your home. Potential buyers can see a swimming pool as a great asset if it looks attractive and is relatively easy to maintain. It also gives them a beautiful first impression of your backyard if your landscaping is designed around the pool.

If you want your pool to offer real value, it makes sense to choose a pool shape which will not go out of fashion. Rectangular pools with clean lines have remained popular for many years, so this is a safe choice which looks classy and coordinates well with all architectural styles. This helps you to create a unified look for the indoor and outdoor areas of your property, which helps potential buyers to imagine themselves living there.

Maintenance is another important consideration here. Some of the features which can make pool maintenance a lot easier, such as an in-floor self-cleaning system, have to be installed at the time when the pool is built, and cannot be added later. This is why it makes sense to think about this at the time when you are building your new property. Future potential buyers will be much more enthusiastic about a swimming pool if they won’t have to spend a lot of time maintaining it. These features also give you much more time to enjoy your pool yourself, and make pool ownership easy from the very beginning.

Want to build a pool at the same time as building a new house?

If this article has convinced you of the benefits of building your pool at the same time as your new house, Compass Pools Australia is always happy to help you take the next steps. If you would like any help and advice, or want to find out more about our range of pools and features, please contact us.