Company NewsR U OK at Compass Pools Australia

On the 9th of September for R U OK? Day, Compass Pools paused to ask ourselves, friends, families and colleagues the important question of “R U OK?”. The way we work, socialise, or the places we can visit have had to change recently due to COVID-19 restrictions. These types of changes can impact mental health, and now, more than ever, it is important to check in with the people around us by asking them “R U OK?”. This simple question can often be the first step to helping someone find the support they need. So, today we want to encourage you to join us, and ask someone… “R U OK?”.

Compass Pools’ R U OK? Day

On R U OK? Day, Compass Pools encouraged our staff to start the conversation of mental health by providing each staff member with a family sized meat pie. Now, we know this may seem unrelated, but each pie was covered in R U OK? Day stickers, in the hopes that when they get home with their stickered pie, a conversation around mental health would begin. We also encouraged our managers and team leaders to start conversations with their teams based around mental health; and provided information on how to access important mental health resources to all our staff.

What is R U OK?

R U OK? is a harm prevention charity that encourages people to have conversations around mental health by asking others “R U OK?”.