NewsPlanning Your PoolHow to find and what to consider when looking for a best local pool builder

A pool can be a significant investment, and you want to pick a reputable local pool company. Sifting through pool companies in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Newcastle can be time-consuming, especially if you’re not sure what to consider.

Many people choose to search for ‘swimming pools near me’ or ‘local pool builder near me’ to find results. However, we want to tell you exactly how to find the best local pool company, and we’ll outline why it’s so critical that you take your time when you search.

Why Searching for ‘Swimming Pools Near Me’ is Only the Start of Your Search

Some people decide to perform one or two searches for ‘pools near me’ and pick the first company that pops up. However, this is only the beginning of your search. You must screen every company and do in-depth research before you settle on one.

This way, you can rest assured that the pool company can do everything you need them to do. Maybe you need special accommodations, or you have obstacles in the way that makes installation difficult. Some companies will be able to accommodate you while others will not.

Additionally, taking the time to perform these searches will allow you to price check different companies to get the best rate. If you don’t, and you pick one at random, you could end up paying much more for your new pool or spa than you need too. This money is something you could use to add accessories to your pool or use for additional upgrades like eco-friendly pumps or bright colours.

Criteria to Help You Find a Pool Company in Melbourne or the Surrounds

Fortunately, we have a guide that outlines everything you need to make a note of when you search for a ‘local pool builder near me.’ These first few essential details you want to apply to any local pool company you find.


How long has the pool company been in business? Ideally, you want to find a well-established company that has a portfolio of completed projects and satisfied clients. For example, Compass Pools has a Melbourne office and showroom where we’re more than happy to talk about past installs and their options. We have several fibreglass pools available, and we have decades of experience installing them for our customers.


Any pool builder you contact should be able to provide you with recommendations for past projects. These should be new and older customers. A company that does quality work will be more than happy to prove it by giving you at least one or two references.

Business or Trade Organisation

Having some degree of involvement with a local trade or business organisation shows that a business commits to the pool building industry. You’re more apt to get a professional company that invests time, money and effort into making their pools and accessories better.


Be sure you ask about the local pool company’s heavy machinery and the quality grades and performance levels. The answers will give you a good idea on whether or not they have the equipment available to create, transport and install the pool successfully.

Payment Process

Ask to see a copy of a typical pool build and install contract. Ask about payment terms. Any contractor who asks you for more money than the contract specifies isn’t worth your time. The goal is to stay within the contract’s guidelines from start to finish.

Pool Types

What type of pool comes up when you search for a ‘pool company near me?’ Do the majority of people need in-ground or above-ground? If you have a little space available, can your pool company install a plunge pool? What about a spa or a pool and spa combination? A reputable pool company will be able to walk you through your various options and find the best pool type for your space and usage needs.

Compass Pools Australia Find the reputable pool company to install your own pool


Your budget will also play a role in the company you choose and the pool you get. You have to consider the groundwork, trades, whether or not you want paving or decking, safety features, landscaping, accessories, heating, chemicals, filtration system and cleaning expenses. If you shop around, you can find the lowest prices for your new pool with sacrificing quality.

Will the Company Put the Details in Writing

Finally, make a point to ask the pool companies if they’ll put all of the little details in writing. Getting it in writing will help outline what the pool company and what you will have to cover. The things you want to see include:

  • What excavation work does the company include in your quote? If the company runs into issues, how will the issues impact the cost?
  • How will the company prepare your yard for the pool without damaging existing structures? If they have to move things, will they return them to their places?
  • If you need a fence or deck around your pool, will they put it in or will that be your responsibility?
  • What equipment will they use, and what happens if something happens to it that causes a delay?
  • What landscaping and grading company do they use if they outsource?
  • What will you have to pay with repair and maintenance costs?
  • What is the warranty coverage?
  • Is there an itemized list of the costs of the pool and any accessories like a spa, infinity edge, wading area or pool cover.

Six Steps to Follow to Find the Best Local Pool Builder

Now that you have a list of things to consider when you search for ‘swimming pools near me,’ you can use these steps to narrow down your search. Since any given area can have dozens of local pool companies, taking your time and comparing them is critical.

Step One – Determine the Pool Type

The first thing you want to do is decide on the type of pool you want. A quick search will give you a good indication of the go-to Australian pool types. Are they in-ground or above-ground? Concrete or fibreglass? Freshwater or saltwater? In Australia, fibreglass pools are one of the most popular options due to their durability and longevity. Decide which type of pool suits your area, budget and lifestyle.

Step Two – Pick Out the Pool Design

There are dozens of pool designs available. Maybe you want a pool to increase your swimming speed. If so, a lap pool would be the right choice. If you want something more elegant, an infinity pool could be the way to go. Consider how you want to use the pool and your yard space. You could always get a smaller pool and get a few water features added on to make it more functional.

Step Three – Learn About Pool Equipment

You don’t have to be a pool equipment expert, but having a rudimentary understanding of how pool equipment works and the basic pros and cons are helpful. For example, do you want a cartridge, natural or diatomaceous earth filter? Will you use a chlorine generator or a feeder to chlorinate your pool, or will you choose saltwater? Consider a self-cleaning pool system to cut down on the number of chemicals you need and the amount of maintenance you’ll have to do. The more you know, the more prepared you’ll be to ask questions and understand your options.

Step Four – Make a List of Potential Local Pool Companies

When you get a good understanding of what you want for your new pool, make a list of reputable local pool companies. Ask for references from co-workers, family and friends who have or had pools installed. Once you get a list, start comparing them to see which ones offer you more bang for your buck. Use the criteria list from earlier to help weed through your potential companies. The goal is to narrow your choices down to the top three to five.

Step Five – Schedule Appointments

Take your final list and start scheduling appointments. You should schedule them a day or two apart, so you don’t mix up their offerings, and it’ll also give you time to jot down a few comparison notes. Make a short pro and con list and pay attention to each company’s sales pitch. Also, make sure to get any promises, discounts or promotional offers in writing. Don’t sign any contracts until you visit your entire list of potential companies.

Step Six – Compare and Choose

Finally, you’ll want to take a day and compare all of your options. Were there a couple that stood out from the rest? Use the process of elimination to narrow your results down until you get one company. Call and schedule another consultation, or ask them what the next step is and what they need from you. You can now move forward with your build while staying confident that you chose the best option to give you the pool of your dreams.

Compass Pools Has Reputable Pool Dealers in Several Locations

Compass Pools has a reputation for installing high-quality fibreglass pools. We bring years of experience to each customer we take on, and we’ve honed our craft over the years. Additionally, we also have a host of offices and showrooms throughout Australia that makes it easy to come directly to our customers. There are no long wait times, and we’ll work with you to ensure you get an excellent finished product. We have authorised dealers in:


Compass Pools is the pool company Melbourne residents turn to when they need dependable and professional service. We bring over 30 years of experience selling and installing fibreglass pools throughout Melbourne and Victoria. Each member of our staff commits themselves to showcase the highest quality fibreglass swimming pools available. Additionally, each of our pools is low maintenance, but they all last for years.

We have a showroom where we can walk you through the various fibreglass pools, spas and accessories we have available. We’ll also show you the different colour ranges and finishes. We also encourage you to ask about our past installations! We’re happy to showcase our work and help you choose the best swimming pool for your lifestyle.

Find the Best Local Pool Builder in Melbourne


The Compass Sales Centre is your point of contact for a quality pool company in Sydney North and Sydney South. We’ve showcased our pools and had a decade to build our portfolio of satisfied customers and completed projects here. We faithfully serve the Baulkham Hills, Blacktown, Castle Hill, Central Coast, Gosford, Hurtsville, Mosman, Northern Beaches and Northshore communities from this location.

When you drop by, our friendly and professional staff are on-hand and ready to walk you through your pool options. We can compare sizes, shapes, colours and exterior finishes to help you decide on the best choice for your needs.


If you’re looking for a reliable pool company in Brisbane, rely on our authorised Compass Pools dealer for this area.

You can drop by and view our exclusive range of fibreglass pools, spas and water features that help you customise your new pool. If you have questions, the friendly staff are ready to answer them, address your concerns and guide you through the process of picking out a new pool.


When you look for a pool company in Newcastle, look for Compass Pools. Newcastle is home to our display centre, and we have several high-quality fibreglass pools to show our customers. We specialise in complicated site installations, and we have hundreds of satisfied customers throughout the community.

This location is right next door to Compass Pools Australia – NSW Manufacturing Facility, and this means you get lightning-fast service with quick turnaround times when you order. If you’d like to know more, we offer no-obligation quotes on your new spa or pool project!

Stop by Your Local Compass Pools Showroom Today!

No matter where you are in Australia, you can find a local Compass Pools showroom or shop. We invite you to drop by and see what we have to offer, or you find your nearest authorised dealer to request a free, no-obligation quote right now!