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For any kid, it’s hard to beat the fun that comes with having their very own kids pool in their backyard. They can play for hours at a time, enjoy the gorgeous Australian summer heat and have a blast with their friends. With so many pools for kids on the market, how do you pick out the best family or kids pool in Australia? What criteria do you want to keep in mind, and what are some essential features to amp up the fun? We’ll outline all of these things below.

What is a Kids Pool?

A family or kids pool is a pool that typically features a shallow area where your kids can freely play without worrying about straying into water that is too deep for them. The beach entrance is a design where the pool starts shallow and gradually gets deeper the further you walk in. Another option is to add a shallow area like a sun pod that directly connects to the deeper pool. Your kids can play in this shallow area while adults and older kids enjoy the other parts of the pool.

Benefits of Installing Pools for Kids

The right kids’ pool comes with a host of benefits for everyone in the family. During the hot Australian summer months, your entire family can enjoy your pool every day. They’ll have fun and enjoy the various benefits, including:

  • Stay Cool – One of the most obvious perks of having a kids pool is that the kids can jump in and beat the heat. Having a pool in your backyard lets your kids take a quick dip any time of day they want, and they get the privacy they won’t get in public pools.
  • Gathering Place – Pools create a natural gathering place for all of your kids, friends and family. Your kids can host pool parties and invite all of their friends over for a day in the water. Adults can sit in the shade and talk while the kids play safely in the water. Pools are a great way to have several kids over at the same time while keeping them entertained.
  • Fun Way to Exercise – Water provides a place for low-impact exercise. Your kids feel almost weightless in the water, and they can easily play for hours at a time without getting tired. Even better, they can exercise without even realising they’re doing it!
  • Lends Tranquility – The kid’s pool adds a little tranquillity to your home or backyard. You’ll be able to sit out and enjoy the sun sparkling on the water and the soft hum of the pool pump. Additionally, a pool can soften the edges of your yard and help pull all of your design elements together to create a cohesive space.
  • Saves Money – While it can be more expensive upfront to install and maintain kids pools in Australia, it’ll save money in the long run. Instead of packing your entire family up and going to the beach for a day out, you can head to the backyard. You could even have a staycation and plan fun pool-related activities over those long school breaks.
  • Adds Home Value – Any pool will give your home curb appeal. It’ll also cause your home’s value to go up when you install it. If you plan to sell your home at one point, a pool can be a massive bonus for the potential buyer, especially if they have kids or plan to start a family.
  • Family Investment – The correct kids’ pool can be an excellent investment for your family. When your kids grow up, leave and start their own families, they can come back to your house with their kids. Your grandkids will love to go to grandma and grandpa’s house to splash around in the pool on those warm afternoons.
  • Encourages Social Interaction – Your kids must learn social skills when they’re little, and a pool is a great gathering place. Your kids can hang out, interact and play games with their friends and family. Plus, having a kids pool makes your home the destination gathering place for all of your kid’s friends. It’s like having a playground at home.
Benefits of Installing Pools for Kids Encourages Social Interaction

Fun Features to Add to Your Kid’s Pool in Australia

You don’t want to have a pool with a single depth for your kids like you would with adults. Additionally, the more fun features you add, the more your kid’s imaginations will run. For example, a sun pod gives them an excellent place to sit down and play with the jets, and they cause spouts of water to shoot up into the sky. These water spouts are particularly fun for smaller kids who will have fun trying to stop the spouts.

A water wall is another popular idea. Your kids can pretend they’re mermaids playing under the waterfall. Since it runs at a slower pace, it’s safe for your kids to play around without fear of the water pushing them under or splashing them. A spa gives your older kids an area to relax with their friends, and your younger kids can use it to warm up between dips in the bigger pool.

Maybe you want warmer water because you plan to have smaller kids in the pool. If so, heating elements can help you get precision control over your pool’s temperature. Solar energy, gas and electric heating are all available, and the one you choose for your kid’s pool will depend on when you plan to use it, how often you plan to use your pool and more.

Benches are entertaining areas you can add to the sides of your pool to give your kids a shallow place to hang out and play. You can choose from a few different depths and sizes. Maybe you want a bench that runs along the side of your pool, or you want a few smaller areas placed around your pool at intervals. These spaces are great alternatives that don’t take away from the pool’s swimming areas.

If you plan to teach your kids to swim in your pool, adding learn to swim steps is excellent. Broader and more shallow steps are better for kids pools than short and deep. You want your kid to gradually walk into the water and feel comfortable rather than step off into a surprising depth that could scare them.

Maybe you want to create an area where both your bigger and smaller kids can play comfortably. If so, you can install a larger pool and add a wader or pond. These areas are very shallow spaces attached to the deeper pool. Adults can sunbathe, smaller kids can play comfortably and safely, and older kids can have a blast playing in the deeper water.

LED lights can add a whimsical touch to your kid’s pool that can make it fun for your kids to swim after dusk. You can even combine these in-pool lights with a string or two of fairy lights around the edge of the pool to create a fantasy land for your kids to play in.

Jets are fun for your kid pool. They’ll spurt water out into the pool and give your kids a fun element to play around. They can even practice their swimming and see how well they do when the jets switch on. For adults, these areas can provide short bursts of hydrotherapy that help relax their muscles while they watch their kids play.

Finally, you want to think of the colour scheme in your kid’s pool. The pool should look inviting and safe, and colour plays a significant role. For example, bright and vivid colours may be a better choice instead of darker colours. Your kid should be able to easily see the bottom and every corner of the pool before they go in. Being able to see everything gives both you and your children peace of mind.

Compass Pools Australia Perfect pool for the kids Pool with waterfeatures

Should You Pick an In-Ground or Above-Ground Kids Pool?

Before you decide on an in-ground or above-ground setup, consider a few things. The cost, size and longevity are three significant points you have to keep in mind when you shop. They include:

  • Average Cost – In-ground fibreglass pools can cost between $30,000 and $70,000 to buy and install while cheaper above-ground pools typically cost between $4,000 to $12,000. For the above-ground pools, this estimate doesn’t include a deck, landscaping around it, or plumbing and electrical work. However, there are also high-quality and great-looking alternatives available. For example, Little Pools are ready-to-use fibreglass pools that look great and are perfect for families with kids.
  • Size – Both above- and in-ground fibreglass pools can be large or small. However, the above-ground pool usually comes with a single depth while you can have sloping depths with in-ground pools.
  • Longevity – If you choose a fibreglass pool that is above-ground, in-ground or partially in-ground, you’ll get the same lifespan. Most fibreglass pools can last well over 20 years as long as you maintain them as the pool manufacturer recommends. Vinyl kids pools are cheaper, but they only last between five and nine years, even with proper maintenance.

Design Ideas for Kid Pools

Compass Pools has family pool designs available that give you a classic look while meeting all of your needs. The Contemporary pool line is excellent for kids pools because it has very shallow ends for smaller kids with deeper centres for bigger kids. Both ends have benches, and there are larger and broader steps that allow your kids to ease into the water and sit down.

Another option is the Vogue pool, and you can choose several different sizes to fit your space requirements. This pool has a ledge around the edges where your kids can sit and ease their way into the water. An anti-slip coating on the steps makes this pool safer for the entire family to enjoy without fear of slipping or falling.

If you plan to use your backyard for a lot of entertaining, you can add a shaded area or patio close to your pool. This way, you can entertain your guests while your kids play in the pool under your supervision. This setup also makes it easy to host pool parties or family gatherings because your kids don’t have to go far to eat or drink before heading back to the pool.

One thing your pool has to have, especially if it’s for kids, is fencing. You have to fence your pool off around all sides. This fence will keep everyone safe when they’re playing in the yard and not in the pool or if a neighboring child winds up in your yard when you’re not present. You have to be careful what objects you put by your fencing as well, your kids can’t use them to climb over the fence and play in the water when you’re not around to supervise them. Your gate should have a secure latch that your kids can’t reach.

Vogue fibreglass pool great for kids

Things to Consider When You Pick Out Your Kids Pool

If you’re seriously considering a kids pool, there are a few things you want to keep in mind when you shop. They include:

  • Budget – Make a budget and stick to it. You want to get the best kid’s pool possible without breaking the bank.
  • Maintenance – How much time do you have to dedicate to maintenance? Pools for kids need maintenance to keep the water clear and the pool swim-ready. As a general rule, fibreglass pools are more straightforward to take care of than other types. And if you select Compass Pools, you can get a self-cleaning pool that requires (almost) no maintenance.
  • Space – How much space do you have in your backyard for your pool? Remember that you have to have space for the deck or surface at the edge. You also want to be able to move around your yard once we install the pool.
  • Use – Since this will be a family or kids pool, they’re usually more extensive. You want enough room for all of your planned activities.

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