NewsCompass Pools Australia Pool with Pool Cover and Pool Roller in Contemporary 16.6m CUSTOM Evolution

Pool covers and rollers are one of the most common accessories people choose to add to their swimming pool package. They are a fantastic way to protect your swimming pool from unnecessary heat loss and debris and come in a variety of styles and installation choices to suit any budget and aesthetic.

Three reasons why investing in a pool cover is a great idea

1) A pool cover is a great way to add heat to your pool

Especially if you don’t have a solar or electric heat pump. A pool cover, such as the Solar Gains Cover is a fantastic way to achieve extra heat.

Solar Gains Cover: A Solar Gains Cover is similar to a bubble wrap blanket for your swimming pool. It is designed to let heat transfer from the sun directly into your pool, while simultaneously providing a protective barrier to prevent heat escaping from the water. A Solar Gains Cover from a reputable manufacturer can add, in some cases, as much as four or five degrees of heat to your swimming pool when compared to a non-covered pool! We have even heard that swimming pools with this cover can get so warm, that people choose to leave them off for a day or two. A Solar Gains Cover is a great way to add extra heat to your swimming pool, especially if you don’t have a heat pump.

2) A pool cover can provide Thermal Protection

Pool covers are also a fantastic way to provide thermal protection to your swimming pool. If you have a solar heater or heat pump in your swimming pool, a thermal protection cover, such as the Heat Retention Blanket is a great way to keep the warmth in.

Heat Retention Blanket: A heat retention blanket is different in consistency to a Solar Gains cover, as it tends to be more foam-like with a reflective material on top. Everything about this blanket is designed to keep the heat in your swimming pool, and to stop it from escaping. Did you know, over 90% of a swimming pools warmth is lost through it’s surface? A good quality Heat Retention Blanket helps to drastically reduce the majority of that heat loss, particularly overnight. The added benefit, is that with less heat loss, your pool heater or pump won’t have to work so hard to regulate your pool’s temperature. Meaning that a Heat Protection Blanket may even reduce your ongoing power consumption and costs!

Compass Pools Australia Contemporary Pool Cover Pool Rollers

Contemporary 16.6m custom in colour Evolution with thermal pool cover. Installed by North West Pools.

3) Swimming pool covers are great for debris management

Debris management covers typically look mesh like, and are a great way to reduce debris, such as tree leaves, from entering your swimming pool. A debris pool cover can be placed directly onto the swimming pools surface, however if you live in a high debris area, attaching the cover to the pavers around the pool will provide more options for varying degrees of debris control. Alternatively, you can control debris by using a Solar Gains Cover or a Heat Retention Blanket. However, it is important to note, that a self-cleaning swimming pool further assists with debris management, and may reduce your need for a debris management pool cover.

Compass Pools Australia Pool with Roller cover in Vogue 7.15m Pacific

Vogue 7.15m in colour Pacific with roller cover. Pool installed by Composite Pools.

How to Integrate your pool cover and roller into your swimming pool area

The great thing about swimming pool covers and rollers, is that there are plenty of options and styles to suit all budgets and aesthetic needs. They are highly customisable and can be integrated into your pool area, any way you like. The best way to decide which cover and roller style suits your needs is to have a conversation with your pool planner.

If you are on a budget, there are some great standard cover and roller units available that sit at the end of your pool. These units can be placed on top of your deck or concrete patio, and easily unwind to protect your pool as needed.

Compass Pools Australia Pool with Roller Cover in Fastlane 17m Pacific

17m custom Fastlane in colour Pacific with roller cover. Installed by Capital Country Pools.

If you are concerned about the aesthetics of your cover and roller unit- no worries! There are some great options to suit your needs. Some manufacturers offer options where your pool cover rolls back into a bench seat. Or you can always just custom your very own design, that suits the functionality and style of your pool area.

Other great options include inground or in-deck rollers and covers. These can be designed in two ways.

1) Inground/ Cover Pit

These covers are installed in pits beneath a deck or into the concrete around your swimming pool. To roll out these covers, simply open the lid, pull it out above your deck and then slide it across the top of your pool. To wind it back, simply use a 90-degree crank shaft.

2) In Deck Roller

These covers are installed by creating a pit under your decking, and then ensuring that the decking goes right up to the edge of the pool. Once complete your cover simply rolls out from under the deck and is completely hidden from sight when not in use.

Compass Pools Australia Pool with In deck Roller Cover in Vogue 10.2m Pearl

Compass Pools Australia Pool In Deck Roller Cover in Vogue 10.2m Pearl

Vogue 10.2m Swimming Pool in colour Pearl with in deck roller cover. Installed by Central Pools

Important advice about swimming pool covers

This advice is important for anyone using a cover on their swimming pool- especially if you have an automated chemical dosing system, such as a salt chlorinator or a liquid chlorine feeder. UV light and rays break down chemicals such as chlorine, and pool covers act as a barrier between your pool and the sun. As a result, if your pool cover is on for a long uninterrupted period of time, the sun can’t break down the chemicals in your pool. This can increase the concentration of chlorine and chemicals, and may result in serious damage to the shell of your swimming pool. This damage, depending on the extent, may be treatable but is extremely costly, and in some cases the chemical damage cannot be fixed. To prevent this in times such as winter, or if you know your pool won’t be used for a while, keep these two helpful tips in mind.

1) Reduce the dosage

Reduce the dosage of chemicals in your swimming pool system during the period of non-use or when you are going away. This helps to prevent chemical concentration building up and thus prevents chemical damage.

2) Remove the pool cover

Or remove the pool cover during the period in which the pool is not in use. This simply prevents chemicals from building up, because the UV rays have direct access to break them down.

Compass Pools Australia Pool with Pool Cover & Pool Roller in Refresh 6.1m Grey Marble

Refresh 6.1m Express Pool in colour Grey-Marble with pool cover. Installed by The Little Pool Co.


Swimming pool covers and rollers are a great option for pool protection, heat and debris control. They can assist with reducing costs, but just remember to adjust the chemicals or remove the cover if the pool is not in use for long periods of time.