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What are lap pools?

Lap pools are long, slim pools whose primary function is to allow you to swim laps, as their name suggests.

They are an excellent addition to anyone’s backyard, allowing you to exercise at home whenever you want, and obviously perfect for anyone who enjoys clocking up those laps around the pool!

You may be surprised to learn that lap pool size is variable, so even smaller backyards would be able to accommodate one of the more compact pools.

Lap pools can be inground or above ground, making them a versatile and stunning feature for any backyard.

Built to similar quality standards as regular pools, lap pools are becoming increasingly popular as a way to enjoy your favourite exercise at home.

Why are they popular?

Lap swimming is a much-loved sport and leisure activity in Australia, and of course, we have the perfect climate to make it possible to enjoy outdoors! This makes lap pools an increasingly popular choice for homeowners.

Ideal for its promotion of cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength, swimming is an all-rounder. It also brings benefits for mental wellbeing and relaxation.

Lap pools are perfect for teaching kids to swim, given their narrow widths and resting ledges to give them a breather as they learn.

Having a lap pool in your backyard is also something of a statement: no matter which length you choose, the result will be a stunning addition to your home. Lap pools regularly feature in lifestyle media and are a sought-after design statement for those with impeccable taste.

Above ground lap pools

Types of lap pools

You can opt for either an above ground lap pool or in-ground lap pool, which will usually be made from a fibreglass shell or constructed on site from concrete.

Compass Pools Australia provides a wide choice of lap pool designs.

The Fastlane pool is perfect for serious swimmers with its unobstructed swimming corridor. It offers an attractive feature for your backyard, with customisable options such as a range of vivid colours to really make a statement.

Compass Pools Australia offer a range of Fastlane fibreglass lap pools at two standard sizes: 10.34 m x 2.78 m and 12.26 m x 2..78 m. We also have the ability to tailor make a lap pool to fit your backyard, up to 30 m in length. Or, if you have a smaller outside area, they can be scaled down to even 6 m or 8 m in length.

The shells of our Fastlane fibreglass lap pool shells are almost 1.5 m deep, which is perfect for jumping into, swimming laps, and using it for relaxation.

Meanwhile, the X-Trainer pool is a great solution for families. Its wide steps and ledges make it easy for children to get in and out. Its shallow-to-deep floor and slip-resistant surfaces are also fantastic additional features. It goes without saying that it boasts an unobstructed swimming corridor for those serious about exercise. Customisable options are also available.

Finally, the Vogue pool is practical on many levels, with an unobstructed swimming corridor as well as central entry steps, wide step ledges at both ends, and a step ledge providing a safe place for children or less-confident swimmers to relax. Its contemporary design makes it a stylish addition to your backyard.

Why choose a lap pool with fibreglass shell?

Fibreglass shells for lap pools offered by Compass Pools Australia are high quality, durable and low maintenance, holding on to their stunning appearance for years.

Installation is made easier with the shell delivered directly to your property.

As mentioned previously, fibreglass lap pools come in two standard sizes or can be customised bigger or smaller depending on the space available in your backyard.

One great advantage of using fibreglass is that its surface is resistant to both bacteria and algae, making it a safe and hygienic option. It’s also able to resist chemicals such as chlorine, as well as diverse weather conditions.

What’s more, fibreglass lap pools will not require repainting or resurfacing, making them ideal for people with busy lives.

Fibreglass lap pool Fastlane built partially above the ground

Concrete lap pools

It is also possible to create a lap pool using concrete. This is a flexible option, as you can customise the design according to your taste, and also be an asset if your backyard is difficult to access for delivery of a fibreglass shell.

Concrete lap pools are best suited to sites that are difficult to access and that would struggle to accommodate delivery of a fibreglass shell.

If you opt for a concrete lap pool, there is plenty of flexibility and you will be able to contribute your ideas to its design.

They are also great for irregular or hard-to-work-with ground as they can be customised to suit the terrain.

It’s worth knowing that as a material, concrete is more susceptible to bacteria and algae due to its porousness.

What features can I expect with a lap pool?

The step ledges and wide steps of the lap pools described above make them perfect for families and for relaxation, while the unobstructed swimming corridors ensure they are suitable for serious exercise.

Choosing a fibreglass shell will mean you can customise your colours and can be assured that you have invested in a long-lasting and practical pool with a minimum of maintenance.

The Vantage self-cleaning system, using a series of efficient cleaning nozzles, will keep your pool in top condition with a minimum of effort.

Did you know that your lap pool can double up as a spa? The versatility of a Compass Pools model means that you can customise your pool, adding jets to transform it into a relaxing spa, perfect for hydrotherapy or aquatic exercise. The wide steps and ledges allow you to sit back and enjoy the soothing water.

Why would a lap pool work for us?

Lap pools are so versatile – serving the serious swimmer who enjoys clocking up the laps to those who simply want to relax and enjoy the water. They are also perfect for anyone who enjoys gentle aquatic exercise such as aqua aerobics or water walking, as well as soothing away aches and pains.

Thanks to their slim dimensions, they can fit even into smaller backyards and combined with thoughtful landscaping, provide a stunning focal point.

The fact that lap pools can be self-cleaning is often a deciding factor for families with busy lives.

Pool and spa combo with Fastlane fibreglass lap pool

Why do they look good?

Lap pools are distinctive for their long, narrow silhouette, creating a feeling of elegance in your backyard.

Because the fibreglass shells provided by Compass Pools Australia are customisable, you can even extend the length of your lap pool to create a truly stunning feature.

What you do with the surrounding area can also produce a stunning effect. Decking or tiling around the pool will give your backyard a relaxed vibe, while the plants, trees and flowers you choose to enhance your pool area can produce any effect you want, be it tropical, Mediterranean. or contemporary.

Lap pool ideas – landscaping

As mentioned above, you can opt for decking around your pool to give the area an inviting feeling and encourage long, lazy hours of lounging by the pool with family and friends.

Tiling adds a sophisticated feel to your pool area. Try pure white or off-white tones to recreate the feel of a Mediterranean retreat, or more vibrant tones for a Moroccan vibe.

Safety features including gates and railings can blend into the environment while providing total peace of mind.

Your choice of planting around the pool area is key. You can go full-on with dramatic grasses and bamboo to give you an instant burst of greenery. Cactuses and succulents can provide interesting shape to your pool area, while bougainvillea will provide vibrant colour, and lavender will scent the air with its relaxing fragrance.

Lap pool prices

A fibreglass lap pool represents a value-for-money choice, allowing you the freedom to exercise whenever you want in your own backyard.

A standard fibreglass pool from Compass Pools Australia will range from $45,000 to $75,000, depending on the options you choose to go with it.

If you’re looking for an individualised lap pool that joins two or three standard pools together, then expect to pay around $95,000 to $130,000, depending on your package.

Remember to factor into your budget items such as landscaping, decking, and safety features such as gates. Learn more about the cost of your pool project here.

Fastlane lap pool drone shot

What next?

Make sure you check out your local council approval requirement, as well as there are any preservation orders on trees that will need to be cleared before you start work. You can also find out whether any cables or pipes run under your planned pool area by consulting your site map.

Lap pool design inspirations Melbourne

If you live in the Melbourne area, you have the perfect climate to enjoy a beautiful lap pool all year round, or simply to sit around and take in the relaxing atmosphere on cooler days. Think about installing a heating system, so you can enjoy your pool even in less summery weather.

Check out the details on safety standards for swimming pools in Melbourne here before you embark on your dream project.

Then all that remains is for you to contact your local authorised Compass Pools Australia pool builder, who will be able to efficiently install your above ground pool with the minimum of hassle. Compass Pools Melbourne service all Melbourne suburbs. Gordon Ave Pools & Spas are your Compass fibreglass pool builder for Geelong and adjunct areas.

Lap pool installations Sydney

Sydney offers a warm and pleasant climate nearly all year round, and any backyard would benefit from a stunning lap pool. Because there is plenty of sunshine, the most efficient way of heating your pool in the cooler months is with solar heating, so you may want to factor this into your budget.

Find out about the safety standards regarding pool fencing and gating for the Sydney area before you start. You can find out the details here.

The final piece of the jigsaw is to contact your local authorised Compass Pools Australia pool builder, who will start making your pool dream a reality. Local Pools & Spas are your fibreglass pool builder for southern Sydney suburbs. If you are located to the north of Sydney CBD, talk to Compass Pools Sydney.

Lap pool designs Brisbane

Brisbane’s sultry climate makes it an ideal location to install a striking lap pool in your backyard. Blessed with all-year-round balmy temperatures and plenty of sunshine, Brisbane is an ideal location for you to install a stylish, practical lap pool.

You will need to be fully aware of safety regulations, which you can find here, before you start your project.

Now you’re ready to contact your local authorised Compass Pools Australia pool builder, who will get your inground or above ground pool lap pool up and running in no time!