Pool IdeasSmall courtyard designs with plunge pools

Plunge pools are small, deep pools which are perfect if you have a small-sized block. Their small size means that while you may not be able to swim laps, you will certainly make up for this with a fun, relaxing feature in your backyard that all the family will enjoy.

They are ideal for aquatic exercise and hydrotherapy, or simply to soak away the cares of the day. They are also favoured by people who enjoy a rigorous workout, as they provide the perfect, relaxing environment to unwind in after intense exercise.

They can be installed above or in-ground, and because of their smaller size, they are cost-effective and a great solution for someone who has limited space and budget.

Plunge pools are built to the same high standards as regular-sized pools, and the beauty of them is they come with seating and so are the perfect environment for relaxing and enjoying the water.

Why are plunge pools so popular?

Australian plunge pools are becoming increasingly popular, particularly as new build homes jostle for less and less space.

Their compactness and versatility mean they are perfect in a smaller backyard and have cheaper running costs than normal sized pools.

Design-wise, they add an attractive and striking aspect to your backyard, creating a truly luxurious feel within a small footprint. For anyone who thought a backyard pool was beyond their wildest dreams…think again!

The icing on the cake is that small pools such as plunge pools are environmentally friendly, using up less water and fewer chemicals than conventional pools.

A small courtyard design with inground plunge pool

Types of plunge pools

Plunge pools can be installed above ground or in-ground, and are usually made from a fibreglass shell or constructed on site from concrete.

In terms of dimensions, plunge pools tend to be between 2.85 and 7 metres long, with depths up to 1.42 metres, lending themselves to many water activities and perfect for gentle relaxation.

Plunge pools with fibreglass shells

Plunge pools are available with fibreglass shells, such as those provided by Compass Pools. This long-lasting material is the same as that used for regular pools, so rest assured that the quality will not disappoint. Fibreglass also retains its good looks over time, so you can enjoy an attractive, low-maintenance feature for many years to come.

The ready-made fibreglass shell will be delivered directly to your backyard ready for installation.

Fibreglass shells can be provided in a range of designs and shapes, with customisable options for landscaping around the area.

One of their winning features is their algae- and bacteria-resistant surface, making them easy to keep clean and fresh. The material is also hardy enough to withstand constant contact with pool-cleaning chemicals and all the weather conditions the Australian climate can throw at it!

There is no requirement to resurface or repaint your fibreglass plunge pool, making them a low-maintenance, attractive and durable choice that should last for many years to come.

Concrete plunge pools

Plunge pools can also be made from concrete, constructed on site so that you have a say in the result concerning design and looks.

If you have a backyard that’s irregular in shape, this can be a good way forward, as the pool can be customised to suit the terrain.

You can tailor your concrete plunge pool with a tiled or painted finish, and just like the fibreglass versions, concrete pools can come with self-cleaning systems to make life easy.

Be aware that because concrete is a porous material, it is more vulnerable to algae and bacteria.

Small concrete swimming pool plunge pool

What features can I expect with a plunge pool?

As mentioned above, many plunge pools come with seating built in, making it possible to simply sit back, relax and enjoy the soothing effects of water.

If you choose a fibreglass shell, you can easily customise your pool by choosing from a range of colours, from deep blues to greys and sand.

An optional extra is spa jets, which are especially appropriate if you are intending to use your plunge pool as part of hydrotherapy to soothe aching joints and limbs, for example.

You can also install a self-cleaning and circulation system with a series of cleaning nozzles, which is a great asset to keep your pool sparkling clean. As they are often installed on small plots, your pool will be visible from the house, so keeping your plunge pool pristine is always a good look.

Why would a plunge pool work for us?

A plunge pool provides the perfect environment for all the family to relax and let off steam.

Of course, their star feature is their compact size, making them increasingly popular in built-up environments where space is at a premium. They can fit comfortably into small backyards, and indeed provide an attractive focal point from all areas of your yard or house. Combined with clever landscaping, they make a truly stunning and unique feature of your home.

While you may not be able to swim laps in a plunge pool, if you enjoy gentle exercise one of these small but perfectly formed pools will provide the perfect environment for activities such as aqua aerobics, water walking and stretching. You can even add jets giving you a current to push against! For anyone who is reluctant to exercise, they can be a game changer, persuading them that activity really is fun!

And if anyone in the family suffers from conditions such as arthritis, a plunge pool is an easy and enjoyable way to soothe the aches and pains away.

What’s more, plunge pools make a value for money addition to your home, requiring less water, cleaning products and heating than a regular size pool.

Simple small courtyard design with a plunge pool in its centre

Why do they look good?

Small and perfectly formed, plunge pools make the most of the space you have, providing a beautiful focal point in your backyard.

If you go for a round plunge pool, you can create an infinite number of classic looks for your backyard. Surrounded by decking, it can become the ultimate place to unwind with family and friends on lazy summer days. Alternatively, plant the surrounding area with lush, green foliage such as bird of paradise, Hawaiian hibiscus and Martha Washington geraniums. Make sure that they will withstand the humid conditions and occasional splashes from chlorinated water. Plan carefully, and you can create a tropical hideaway.

For those who favour a more contemporary look, square plunge pool designs are ideal. Surrounding tiling in a cool white shade will bring a fresh look to your backyard, transforming it into a Mediterranean paradise. Or, a clever use of glass screens will give it that luxe look that you would find in a five-star resort. You really don’t need heaps of space to give your backyard the “X factor”!

Plunge pool ideas – landscaping

Landscaping around your small pool or plunge pool will give it the essential finishing touches to transform your backyard into a magical, yet practical environment.

When planning your backyard landscaping, think first of all about the area immediately surrounding the pool. Decking gives a casual, relaxed vibe, ideal for entertaining, while quality tiles in light, bright colours will give your pool area a fresh, contemporary look.

You can add safety features such as railing and gates that blend seamlessly with your environment, giving you complete peace of mind, especially if you have young children at home, or visiting your property on a regular basis.

Trees, plants and flowers in your pool area can create vital shade, colour and a natural, relaxing ambience. Choose your plant varieties wisely, looking out for species that won’t be affected by splashes from pool chemicals. Some examples are banana trees, which give a real tropical feel, and ornamental grasses and Egyptian papyrus, which will add structure and drama to your pool area.

A final tip: try to avoid trees or plants which will shed their leaves into your plunge pool, giving you a constant clean-up job!

Tropical lush vegetation around a plunge pool

Small courtyard ideas

A small courtyard garden can be brimming with design features to create a tranquil oasis– a space that will be the envy of your friends and neighbours.

In fact, courtyard spaces are ideal for plunge pools, providing the perfect ambience and setting.

Small courtyard designs can easily accommodate a small pool, such as a plunge pool, which given their compact size doesn’t have to take up the entire area. You have several options for fitting your plunge pool into your courtyard. To make a bold statement, a circular pool in the centre of your space will make a real impact.

Or you can position a square pool in a corner of your courtyard, creating the impression of a private retreat or oasis. Adding some leafy plants in the area will add to this feeling of an exclusive, tranquil place.

There are lots of different looks you can experiment with, and size doesn’t have to be an issue. Create a vibrant Moroccan look with brightly-coloured walls surrounding your pool area, colourful tiles, and plants in earthenware pots. For a magical, relaxing space, dress your plunge pool area with candles or fairy lights to create a special atmosphere.

Plunge pool cost

Given plunge pools’ compact size and ease of instalment, fulfilling your dream of enjoying a plunge pool in your backyard or courtyard could be more affordable than you think.

When you draw up your budget, think about the various considerations such as the material your pool will be made from.

You may also want to add to your budget extras, such as landscaping or decking, and don’t forget all the necessary safety features.

As we’ve seen before, the joy of a fibreglass pool is that the shell is delivered ready to install, cutting right down on the construction work required for in-ground pools, making it a convenient option for many.

Thinking of your new plunge pool project?

Make sure you check out your local council approval requirement, as well as if there are any preservation orders on trees that will need to be cleared before you start work. You can also find out whether any cables or pipes run under your planned pool area by consulting your site map.

Courtyard designs Melbourne

If you live in the Melbourne area, you have the perfect climate to enjoy a beautiful courtyard design with plunge pool all year round, or simply to sit around and take in the relaxing atmosphere on cooler days. Think about installing a heating system so you can enjoy your pool even in less summery weather.

Check out the details on safety standards for swimming pools in Melbourne here before you embark on your dream project.

Then all that remains is for you to contact your local authorised Compass Pools Australia pool builder, who will be able to efficiently install your above ground pool with minimum hassle. If you are from the Geelong area, be sure to talk to Gordon Ave Pools & Spas.

Compass Pools Australia Courtyard pool for smaller backyards

Courtyard designs Sydney

Sydney offers a warm and pleasant climate nearly all year round, and any backyard would benefit from a stunning courtyard design complete with plunge pool. Because there is plenty of sunshine, the most efficient way of heating your pool in the cooler months is with solar heating, so you may want to factor this into your budget.

Find out about the safety standards regarding pool fencing and gating for the Sydney area before you start. You can find out the details here.

The final piece of the jigsaw is to contact your local authorised Compass Pools Australia pool builder in Sydney North or Sydney South, who will start making your pool dream a reality.

Courtyard designs Brisbane

Brisbane’s sultry climate makes it an ideal location to install a striking courtyard design with a plunge pool in your backyard. With Brisbane’s all-year-round balmy temperatures and plenty of sunshine, there is no greater addition to your home than a stylish and practical plunge pool.

You will need to be fully aware of safety regulations before you start your project, which you can find here.

Now you’re ready to contact your local authorised Compass Pools Australia pool builder, who will get your above ground pool up and running in no time!