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Many residents of Melbourne enjoy having their own swimming pools in their backyards. A pool is a wonderful addition to any home — you can spend quality time swimming and relaxing with family and friends, host pool parties, or simply indulge in some quiet time alone in the water.

Owning a swimming pool in Melbourne is an ideal way to stay fit and healthy, and it is also a stunning feature that will bring your backyard to life and increase the value of your property. But if you are planning on buying a pool, it is important to do your research carefully. This is a major investment, so it is essential that you get all the details right if you want to enjoy your pool for a long time to come.

Here’s what you need to know about building pools in Melbourne, and how to make sure you are choosing the right pool for you.

Planning and Safety Laws for Pools in Melbourne

Like all states and territories in Australia, Victoria has its own building regulations which you need to follow if you want to build a swimming pool in Melbourne.

Your pool area must not be directly accessible from any other part of your property, as all pools must have a safety barrier or fence around them of at least 1.2 metres high. The pool gates must be self-closing and self-latching, and you must never prop them open. Additionally, the safety barriers should have a clear space around them, so there are no objects which children could stand on to climb over the barriers.

If you are building a pool in Melbourne, you must take care with your choice of pool builder. All pools here must be constructed by a builder who is registered with the Victorian Building Authority. You and your builder must sign a domestic building contract before any work on your pool can begin.

Also, before your pool construction begins, you must obtain a building permit from a registered building surveyor. You can either use a private surveyor or apply to your local council’s municipal building surveyor. The permit must cover both the pool and the safety barriers, even if they are being constructed by different builders.

Once your pool is completed, it will need to be inspected by the building surveyor, who must issue a certificate of final inspection before you can use the pool.

Which Types of Swimming Pools Are Best for Melbourne’s Climate?

Melbourne is famous for its changeable weather conditions, and it is often said to have “four seasons in one day.” The weather is particularly unpredictable in spring and summer, although storms and strong winds can happen at any time of the year. Temperatures can suddenly drop, causing rain, wind, and thunderstorms, although these sometimes only last for a few minutes before the conditions return to their previous state.

With weather conditions like these, it is important to install a good pool heating system if you want to be able to use your pool regularly throughout the year. Most pools in Melbourne use solar heating systems, but during the cooler months it can be a good idea to have this system linked to electric or gas pool heating for those times when there is not enough sunlight to produce sufficient solar power.

Melbourne is also prone to occasional earthquakes. These are not usually too severe, but it is important that your pool is made from a strong, durable material that will withstand ground movements without being weakened.

Most swimming pools in Melbourne are made from either fibreglass or concrete. Both are extremely strong materials specifically designed to cope with extreme weather conditions and ground movements, thus lasting for many years. However, each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

1. Concrete Pools

Concrete pools are extremely easy to customise to suit your own tastes and the shape of your backyard. They are built from scratch in your backyard, so you can have a great deal of input into the design. However, the building process is complex and may take months to complete.

Concrete is also the most expensive material used for swimming pool construction. There is more work involved in the construction, and once it is completed, a concrete pool needs to be lined with tiles or pebbles.

Maintenance is another important consideration. Concrete pools are notoriously difficult to clean, and they are prone to algae. This means you will have to spend time cleaning and maintaining your pool regularly.

However, concrete is a proven material which has been used to build swimming pools in Melbourne for many years. It is known to withstand all aspects of the climate, and it’s a good all-round choice if your budget can stretch to it.

2. Fibreglass Pools

In recent years there has been a rise in the popularity of fibreglass pools in Melbourne. Modern technological advancements and Compass innovations mean that our fibreglass composite pools are now built with ceramic core technology. This makes our pools strong and durable, and it has been proven to withstand severe earthquakes in other parts of Australia and New Zealand, including the 2011 Christchurch earthquake.

Fibreglass pools are also extremely easy to maintain — they do not attract algae and bacteria, and they can even be installed with self-cleaning systems, so maintenance takes virtually no time or effort.

The main disadvantage of fibreglass pools is that the pool shells are pre-made in factories. This means you can only choose from a range of available sizes and designs, rather than being able to create your own bespoke pool design to suit your property. With our pool customisation options, this is not much of a drawback anymore, enabling you to combine your pool with a spa, have a custom-length lap pool installed, accompany your pool with a wader or beach, have your fibreglass pool installed above the ground, as an infinity pool with a negative edge or even with one edge replaced by glass. The advantage of deciding for a fibreglass pool is that the installation process is much easier. Once work begins, it is likely to be completed within a couple of weeks, enabling you to enjoy your pool practically straight away.

What Are the Most Popular Designs for Pools in Melbourne?

Pool designs vary throughout Melbourne, as different pools suit different backyards and lifestyles. Most families in the suburbs will choose a family pool, as this offers a large area for swimming and games, as well as plenty of safety features and seating areas so the kids can rest whenever they need to.

Singles and couples in the inner suburbs are choosing plunge pools. These small pools only measure 3m x 2m on average, so they are perfect for smaller backyards and still offer enough space to swim and relax in the water.

However, even if your backyard is not particularly large, you may prefer to install a lap pool. These are ideal for anyone who is serious about their fitness — they are long and narrow and designed to give an unimpeded stretch of water for swimming laps.

Pool and spa combinations are also being seen more regularly in Melbourne. This gives the ultimate flexibility, as it is a full-sized swimming pool with a separate spa section containing hydrotherapy jets. You can relax in the spa while the kids are playing in the pool, or enjoy swimming while your other half has hydrotherapy treatments. Even better, the pool and spa can be arranged in a number of ways, creating an impressive design feature that makes a perfect centrepiece for your backyard.

Find Out More About Building Swimming Pools in Melbourne

If you are interested in having your own pool in Melbourne and would like to consult with an expert about the best choices before going ahead, Compass Pools is happy to help. We have two long-established dealerships servicing Melbourne and surrounding areas of Victoria, with friendly professionals always glad to offer all the help and support you need.

Compass Pools Melbourne

Compass Pools Melbourne covers Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, Gippsland, and surrounding areas. A family business with over 30 years’ worth of experience, our team of specialists is dedicated to providing the highest standards of service and using the latest pool installation technologies.

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Gordon Avenue Pools and Spas

Gordon Avenue Pools and Spas services Geelong, Werribee, Surf Coast, and surrounding areas. Their expert pool builders and dedicated sales staff will ensure you get the excellent service you deserve at all stages of the process.

Please get in touch if you would like more information about the different options available for pools in Melbourne.

Please get in touch if you would like more information about the different options available for pools in Melbourne.