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Rectangle pools have made a huge comeback, and it is easy to see why. This classic swimming pool design is hard to beat when it comes to practicality, aesthetics and space in which to enjoy the water.

Here we take a look at the many factors that make rectangular pools are so popular, and how the Compass Pools range is leading the way when it comes to this iconic swimming pool shape.

1. They are incredibly easy to swim in

Rectangular pools X Trainer lap pool

It may seem obvious, but a rectangular pool offers the perfect shape for swimming. It offers a long, unimpeded stretch of water which is ideal for doing laps, and it is no coincidence that Olympic swimming pools are always rectangular in shape.

One of the main advantages of having your own backyard pool is that it offers a private place where you can improve your health and fitness. Swimming laps is the ideal way to achieve this, as swimming is one of the best forms of exercise you can do, toning almost every muscle in the body and improving your cardiovascular health in the process. In order to get the full benefit of this exercise, you need an expanse of water which allows you to swim laps. There is no pool shape more suited to this than the rectangle.

2. They are also ideal for relaxation

Rectangular X Trainer pool with spa attached

Another benefit of having your own swimming pool is that it gives you a secluded place to relax in comfort on your own property. There is nothing more refreshing than taking a dip in the pool at the end of a difficult day, and spending time in the water has been proven to relieve stress and anxiety, making your day-to-day life easier to deal with and increasing your general sense of wellbeing.

While this can be achieved in pools of all different shapes and sizes, rectangle pools are particularly suited to relaxation, as it is extremely easy to design large, comfortable seating areas around these pools. This offers you a perfect spot to enjoy the water when you don’t feel like swimming.

3. They are a practical choice for families

Usage patterns of your pool

Choosing a family pool can be particularly difficult, as you have a variety of different needs to take into account. You need a pool which offers enough space for the whole family to swim together and play games in the water. A rectangle pool is perfect for sports such as water volleyball, which the whole family can enjoy, reinforcing your bond and giving you the ideal way to spend quality time together.

However, when you are looking for a family pool, the most important consideration of all has to be safety. Again, rectangle pools score extremely highly here. As their shape is open, with no shady corners or hidden areas, it makes it much easier to supervise the kids and ensure that they are enjoying the water safely.

In addition, all private pools in Australia must comply with Australian Standard 1926, which specifies that your pool has to be fenced on all sides, making it safer for children. While this is possible with other shapes of pool, it is much easier to build a level fence around a rectangle pool, making your pool installation easier.

4. They coordinate well with most properties

Small rectangular pools X Trainer

When you are having your own backyard pool built, it is important that the design of the pool suits the style of your home. Achieving a good match of styles will enable you to create a cohesive and unified design for the whole of your property. This looks much more stylish and gives the impression of a well-cared for property, which is attractive to potential home buyers. By doing this, you can add value to your home and achieve a higher sale price if you ever decide to move.

Some homeowners have strong views about pool shapes, and do not want a conventional type of pool. This is perfectly fine, as your pool should reflect your personal tastes and preferences every bit as much as the rest of your property does. But if you are looking for a pool shape which will coordinate with the widest variety of architectural styles, the rectangle pool is the obvious choice. It has the clean lines and streamlined shape to suit modern homes, while still being classic enough to coordinate well with more traditional properties. It is very difficult to go wrong with a rectangle pool.

5. They are easy to landscape around

Above ground fibreglass pool in rectangular shape X Trainer

Landscaping is an important consideration when choosing to have a backyard pool installed. Ultimately, this will have a huge impact on how good your pool looks once it is finished, as well as determining the level of functionality for your backyard.

The first thing to establish is the right positioning for your pool. It needs to look good from all angles, when viewed from both outside and inside the home. You will be looking at your pool for many years to come, so it is essential that it provides you with an attractive view which will encourage you to venture outdoors and take full advantage of the pool.

A rectangular pool is the easiest type of pool to position. As houses are almost universally built on straight lines, a rectangle pool will automatically look good whether it is positioned close to the house or parallel to it at a further distance away. Additionally, a rectangle is a standard shape, so it is easier to achieve a look which is attractive when viewed from every vantage point.

Your landscaping should also make the best use of the remaining space in your backyard, as you also need to consider other elements of your outdoor lifestyle. With a rectangular pool, this is easier to do, as the regular shape makes it easier to plan the rest of your backyard design, enabling you to create space for socialising and relaxing at the poolside while also taking full advantage of the other areas of your backyard.

Attractive and highly functional landscaping is essential if you want to add maximum value to your home. A rectangular pool enables you to create a cohesive flow which looks stunning while still offering all the practicality you need to enjoy an active and fulfilling life outdoors.

6. They make the best infinity pools

Beautiful rectangular infinity swimming pools

The infinity pool is a major swimming pool trend at present, and is viewed as the ultimate in luxury. These beautiful pools have a “disappearing edge” so it looks as if the water is simply falling away. An infinity pool can offer beautiful views over the surrounding area, whether this is a rural landscape or a bustling city. It is also an extremely peaceful way to enjoy the water, making you feel as if you are directly part of your surroundings, unimpeded by barriers.

Rectangle pools are the best choice for an infinity pool by a long way. The long, straight design is ideal for creating a disappearing edge, enabling you to feel like a part of nature as you swim, and becoming the envy of your friends with the most luxurious pool in the neighbourhood!

Rectangle pools in the Compass Pools range

At Compass Pools Australia, we offer a wide range of fibreglass swimming pool designs to suit all tastes and usage needs. However, it is no surprise that many of our top sellers are rectangular pools.

The Contemporary is a rectangular family pool which is available in three different sizes to suit most backyards. It offers plenty of space for swimming and games, and is ideal for families with kids, as it will continue to meet your needs as your family grows. With chic, clean lines and a wide choice of pool colours available, the Contemporary is designed to suit the vast majority of property styles.

The X-Trainer is an extremely popular lap pool. Its long, narrow rectangular shape is perfect for swimming laps, as it offers a clear water corridor with nothing getting in the way. However, as it is available in different lengths and widths, the X-Trainer can also be a great pool for families.

If you are looking for a smaller rectangle pool, you might want to consider our Plunge pool range. These are compact pools which are deeper than regular pools, so they are ideal for relaxation, as they give you an immersive experience perfect for creating calm and relieving stress.

All of our rectangular pools come with safety features such as seating areas and non-slip surfaces, and they can easily be customised with a wide range of pool colours available. Thanks to their strong ceramic cores, they are also built to withstand all climate conditions and usage demands, and will last a lifetime.

If you would like more information about the rectangle pools we offer, please contact us. Our team will be happy to assist you.