NewsBest Aussie staycation ideas consider a swimming pool

While overseas holidays – sipping cocktails in Bali or touring Europe – are on hold, feelings of relaxation and escape can still be found in our own backyards. Read on to find our why installing a Compass Pool is one of the best staycation investments available and how it compares to other staycation ideas that you might (or might have not) considered.

Five Reasons a Compass Pool is a great staycation investment

Happy Compass Pool owners keep telling us that relaxing by your own swimming pool can’t be beaten by any other staycation ideas. Why is that?

  1.  Pools can be used any time – you don’t have to plan or pack in advance to use the pool. Throw on your bathers, grab a towel and you’re swim-ready – whatever the Covid alert level.
  2. A sparkling, self-cleaning pool brings visual enjoyment and a sense of relaxation and escape to your property. A well-presented pool can become a real focal point of the home and outdoor dining area.
  3. A pool sits well financially over the long term. Unlike other leisure purchases, which depreciate over time, a pool adds value to your home. A self-cleaning, easy-care pool is also an extremely attractive selling point.
  4. A pool gives you more family time – pools can be enjoyed together – without a screen in sight! While some opt for a more active swim than others, everyone benefits from the refreshment of a cool dip on a hot summer’s day.
  5. Parents will appreciate the ease and entertainment value of a pool. From pre-schoolers to teenagers a Compass Pool offers daily activity and exercise, without having to leave the comfort and safety of home.

Looking for staycation ideas? – A back yard pool might give you those holiday vibes you’ve been looking for!

The global pandemic means Australians are now choosing to staycation at home, and they’re quickly seeking out the most cost-effective ways to enhance their new-look leisure time.

While our flying wings may be clipped, being grounded hasn’t changed anyone’s need for some summer fun and family enjoyment. In fact, the uncertainty of Covid-19 has probably increased our desire for worry-free good times, making memories with the family – anything to take our minds off the pandemic.

There’s nothing like a global event to make us appreciate how quickly life can change. Some of the freedoms we previously took for granted are now gone and new ways of spending our leisure time, closer to home, are being increasingly explored.

With festivals and sporting events being cancelled at short notice, we are all seeking leisure options that won’t leave us disappointed and out of pocket.

With crowds being avoided and some of our favourite restaurants and bars hanging on by a thread, attention is turning to more reliable “Covid-safe’ sources of family fun and relaxation. That’s why searching for staycation ideas has been so popular over the past months.

These kinds of entertainment, in the safety of small groups, are taking the place of public gatherings and anything else that could fall at the mercy of another cluster emerging in the community.

In short, today’s families are seeking out fresh ways to spend the ‘fun’ budget we once allocated to dream trips, work travel or island getaways.

Australia Staycation ideas - own backyard pool

What staycation ideas are proving popular?

For some, this newfound backyard exploration has lured them towards the idea of a caravan or boat to improve their family’s quality of life.  Meanwhile, others are discovering the instant enjoyment and financial benefits of installing a swimming pool in their own backyard.

When relative freedom turns to lockdown overnight, a swimming pool can still be enjoyed unimpeded in your bubble, from the safety of home. Meanwhile, a boat or caravan will be parked up collecting cobwebs – a large investment not providing the leisure time it promised.

Like any home improvement right now, a Compass Pool is one of the few leisure-time investments families can enjoy unaffected by the current Covid alert level.

The property market is booming and any travel funds being diverted towards property, become an investment in your most valuable asset.

For those giving thought to really maximising their leisure spend, a Compass inground fibreglass swimming pool, just a few metres from the lounge, can be one of the smartest and most readily enjoyable leisure choices.

Every day when you come home from work you can choose resort-style living. If the pandemic sees you working from home, you can even take a dip between Zoom meetings!

The kids can jump in after school or swim all weekend with friends. A pool is also a great way to keep them fresh and focussed while their parent’s offer their best efforts at home-schooling. Other staycation ideas can also be appealing but it’s hard to beat the opportunity to enjoy your backyard pool every single day.

Pool owners are often busy and time poor. What leisure time they do have they want to spend in the pool or relaxing next to it – not cleaning or maintaining it.

With a Compass self-cleaning Pool you can come home to a fresh, clean, healthy pool, without having to do any hard work or annoying ‘maintenance jobs’ before you get in and play.

You can spend your weekends relaxing poolside with family and friends, and you don’t have to lift a finger to get there.

If you’re thinking about re-directing your leisure spend towards a significant purchase, why not pick the option that offers instant, reliable, low maintenance fun, while also making sense financially.

Yes a caravan allows you to explore more of your home country, but for busy families the somewhat romanticised idea of these trips requires a lot of planning, preparation, and the dreaded packing.

Caravan or boating adventures also rely on Covid alert levels allowing the freedom to travel freely between cities and states.

Elderly family members or parents of children with underlying health conditions also need to feel confident it is safe to venture beyond their immediate community.

The demands of 21st century work schedules haven’t stopped for the pandemic and planning a weekend away, organising the pets, packing food and clothing for the family before hitting the road can be a stress-inducing exercise.

Despite the best intentions at time of purchase, it’s unlikely families will get daily, even weekly enjoyment, from a caravan or boat.

A pool is an investment in quality time spent with family. Five minutes prep time and both children and parents are away from their screens and interacting together in the pool.

Not everyone has to be in the pool at one time either. Mum or Dad can be entertaining the children while the other cooks dinner – or puts their feet up with a glass of wine poolside!

Staycation in your backyard - dinner by the swimming pool

A Compass Pool is smart way to spend your vacation or “staycation” budget while also investing in the value of your home.

Easy and unrestricted enjoyment of a Compass Pool are not the only major benefits over purchases like boats and caravans.  The life cycle of depreciation for a boat or caravan begins the moment you tow it off the yard. Buying at the height of the market is also unlikely to see you re-coup these costs once the Covid demand has calmed and the borders re-open.

Alternatively, when you install a Compass Pool you’re actually adding to the most significant asset you own – your home.

A swimming pool in the backyard is not only great for your leisure time, it’s also a plus for your wallet. These days pools are high up on the wish list when people are buying their new homes. While you get to enjoy your staycation now, you’re going to get financial returns down the track by making your home more attractive to future buyers.

At the upper end of the property market buyers will seek out family homes with pools – provided they are well designed, bathed in sunshine and have appealing fences and landscaping. If you buy a good quality fibreglass pool there is very little maintenance required once the asset is in the ground (especially if that pool has the Vantage self-cleaning and circulation system!).

You don’t have to re-surface them, you don’t have to re-paint them and if you keep the water balanced, they will look good for many, many years to come.

Alternatively, caravans and boats come with costly and time-consuming annual maintenance and servicing. Every use requires time to prepare, book time off and pack up. Returning means unloading, cleaning and maintenance to keep enjoying the asset and maintain its value.

Paradise at home staycation loved by the whole family 1

The benefits of installing a Compass Pool are clear:

  • You can use it every day – no preparation required. Options are also available to extend your swimming season by using a solar cover or heat pump to warm the water in cooler temperatures.
  • No preparation or effort is required – just change into your bathers and jump in. Compass Pools are self-cleaning and low maintenance. You don’t have to spend hours keeping them looking great – just start swimming.
  • Your investment gets a return because you’re adding to the value and appeal of your property.

It’s important to remember – not just any pool will do the job. An entry level pool may not age well, putting potential buyers off if they consider it high maintenance or expensive to run.

Check out some of these self-cleaning Compass Pools installations by our authorised Compass Pool dealers.

Researching staycation ideas? Happy Compass self-cleaning pool owners will tell you that having a pool installed was one of the est decision they’ve made.

Self-cleaning Compass Pools tick all the boxes:

  • They are easy to look after.
  • They are low cost to run.
  • Have a transferable warranty – so the risk is minimised for any future property owner.

All of the above make our self-cleaning pools great to own now and more attractive to future buyers when you go to sell your home.

In a country famous for stunning beaches, a pool is a great family asset for children learning lifelong swimming skills.

For parents of teenagers it’s a sure fire way to ensure you know where your children are and what they are up to. Installing a Compass Pool means a lifetime of easy enjoyment for you and your family – both during the season of pandemic staycations, and far beyond.

Look at the pictures of some of the Compass pool installations you might also find inspiring:

Looking at staycation ideas? What about having one of these Compass Pools in your backyard?

Does buying a pool sound like the lifestyle choice you’re looking for?

If you’re ready to start your backyard staycation contact Compass Pools today. Their friendly teams across Australia and New Zealand will help you find the right size and style pool to best enhance your property. Enjoy quality time with your family now and for years to come.