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In 1980, the swimming pool, spa and hot tub world changed forever due to the introduction of the swim spa. A swim spa is the perfect union of a home spa and a swimming pool. It’s fun, versatile, and it’s ideal for relaxation. You can unwind and feel the pressure melt away. But where do you get a swim spa, and what are your alternatives? We’ll discuss this below.

Let’s Define a Swim Spa

A swim spa combines a spa and a swimming pool all in one setup. It’s bigger than your standard hot tub, but it’s not quite as large as a full-sized pool. You can install your swim spa anywhere you can install a traditional hot tub, and this is exciting news for people with limited space. The powerful pumps on the swim spa create a current that allows you to swim in place, the aquatic equivalent of running on a treadmill. You can switch on the jets and lets them massage your cares away as well.

Buy a Swim Spa in Sydney

Since Sydney is a more extensive metro, it makes sense that you can choose from several different swim spa manufacturers. Each one brings their unique spin to swim spas, but the result is the same. You’ll get a relaxing oasis that you can’t wait to visit. Some of the biggest names in Sydney include:

  • Sapphire Spas – For the past 17 years, Sapphire Spas have dedicated themselves to providing Sydney residents with spas that change their lives. They combine potent aesthetics with functional design to bring a host of swim spas to their clients. This company is Australian-owned and made, and they have a life care commitment that guarantees service for as long as you own your swim spa.
  • Splashes Spa World – Since 1993, Splashes Spa World have taken the initiative to provide Sydney residents with the perfect swim spa. They have nine different options available, ranging from three- to six-seaters, and customers get excellent service with cost-effective pricing. They have four showrooms and lifetime support for each person that purchases the spas.
  • Vortex Spas – Vortex Spas create a line of luxurious swim spas that can withstand the extreme weather conditions Australia throws at them. They use cutting-edge technology to give you the cleanest water imaginable without having to pour tons of chemicals into the water. This technology also makes it easy to care for and maintain your swim spa.
  • Endless Spas – As a family-owned and operated business, Endless Spas have two generations working here. They have a line of swim spas available that include freestanding and in-ground setups. This company routinely donates spas to families in need who use hydrotherapy with their ill or disabled children.

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Get Your Swim Spa in Melbourne from Reputable Companies

Melbourne is a thriving city with a relaxed atmosphere, and it has people who love to spend quality time with family and friends. So, it makes sense that being around the water is second nature. Having your swim spa gives you a gathering place for your friends and family, and you get several reputable companies that can help.

  • Swim Spas Plus – This company features 31 different swim spa designs, and they’re an industry-leading supplier of swim spas in Melbourne. They bring over 44 years of experience in designing and installing swim spas to the area, and their goal is to offer high-quality products at cost-effective pricing. They have multiple shows they exhibit at each year, and they have features in several magazines.
  • Swim Spas Melbourne – Each swim spa from this company comes from local designers that understand Australia’s unique weather conditions. They have several lines available, and every swim spa seats up to 10 people. This space is more than enough room to host gatherings, and the powerful jets allow you to swim or relax and let your cares melt away.
  • Just Spas and Outdoors – With over 14 swim spa models available ranging from 5 to 9 seats; you’ll get a sleek look that’s perfect for small spaces. They’re one of the largest swim spa manufacturers in the Southern Hemisphere, and they’ve been in business for over 25 years. You’ll get innovation, craftsmanship and quality each time you purchase swim spas from them.

Find a Swim Spa in Brisbane From a Quality Supplier

Brisbane has a charming and youthful feel with almost 300 days of sun each year. This playful atmosphere, combined with the gorgeous temperature makes it the perfect place for people to enjoy their swim spas. There are also several reputable swim spa manufacturers to choose from, including:

  • Brisbane Spa Super Centre – This company offers some of the most cutting-edge swim spas in Brisbane. You’ll choose from five different lines of swim spas and dozens of different shapes, sizes and colours. They seat from a few people up to ten, and the staff offer expert advice to help you pick out the best option.
  • Spa Choice – Specially designed to meet Australia’s rigorous standards, Spa Choice have five different swim spa lines available. No matter if you want hydrotherapy, family fun, French designs or something more straightforward, you’ll find it here. They also have all of the parts and accessories you need to keep your swim spa running at maximum efficiency.
  • Spas Direct – You’ll get the choice of 11 different spas when you choose Spas Direct. They offer payment plans that make it easy to afford the swim spa of your dreams this summer. They come with sleek looks, bright interiors and eye-catching outer shells that are sure to match any design or theme you have.

Pick Your New Swim Spa in Newcastle

Newcastle features gorgeous beaches and a vibrant downtown area with sunny and warm weather. But the beaches can get crowded, and this may send a lot of people searching for a new swim spa in Newcastle. You can enjoy the water in the privacy of your backyard, and there are several reputable suppliers in the area. They include:

  • Always Clear – With 16 spa pools and several swim spas available, Always Clear have something for everyone. You get a range of colours from deep blue to white, several depths and a few different sizes. They use Australian-made swim spas, and this ensures each customer gets quality products each time they shop.
  • Bubbly Spas – Since 2008, Bubbly Spas have given Australians cost-effective swim spa choices. Their prices start at $1,500, and they stock brand-name spas with warranties. The Australian-made spas and accessories enable you to get everything you need all in one place. They have covers, pumps, stairs, steps, cover lifters and more they’ll deliver straight to your door.
  • Blue Haven Spas – Blue Haven Spas have options that seat two, five, six and over six people comfortably at the same time. You get the choice of four different designs in white or black, and the jets give a relaxing hydrotherapy massage. The friendly staff will work with you to help you find the best swim spa for your situations.

Consider a Swim Spa Alternative

Maybe you want something a little different than a swim spa, but you’re not sure what alternatives are available. If so, Compass Pools has authorised dealers in MelbourneBrisbaneSydney NorthGeelongSydney South and Newcastle. We’re happy to talk to you in person. If you’re in a different location and what to find our nearest authorised dealer, you can use our easy pool builder locator. As it stands, you get a few choices when it comes to shopping for something other than a swim spa, and your options are:

Spa and Pool Combination

Any of our pools at Compass Pools can have a spa added on that gives you the best of both worlds. We currently have several different pools available for every size yard. You can add your spa to almost any corner, and it uses the same water the pool does to reduce waste. Your kids can have the time of their lives playing in the pool while mum and dad relax a few feet away in the spa.

Plunge Pools

For small backyards, plunge pools are an ideal choice that gives you the joy of pool or spa ownership without taking up a lot of space. Plunge pools come in different sizes, and they feature a gently sloped bottom that allows you to choose how deep it goes. This option can be wholly or partially above ground, and you can add all of the amenities you’d get with a traditional pool.

Swim jets and spa jets are two of the most popular accessories our customers like to add to their plunge pools. You can get a relaxing hydrotherapy massage each time you turn them on. Other fun accessories for this setup include benches and steps. You’ll be able to sit and relax as the jets massage your cares away while beating the summer heat.

Plunge and Courtyard Self-standing fibreglass pool design idea

Little Pools

A third option we have at Compass Pools is our Little Pools. We specially design these pools to fit into small backyards while blending flawlessly with the landscape. The exoskeleton is a non-corrosive material that makes these pools durable and long-lasting. The installation process is another perk with Little Pools. You can install them fully above ground, partially in-ground or fully in-ground.

Pick Your Size

The first thing you want to do is pick out the appropriate size for your Little Pool. Compass Pools gives customers a few different choices, including:

  • Relax Pool Range – You’ll get a 6.3m by 2.35m pool in this line that is great for allowing one or two people to unwind.
  • Refresh Pool Range – This range is slightly smaller than the Relax range at 6.1m by 2.5m, but you’re able to go for a quick dip to refresh yourself when it gets hot and humid out.
  • Plunge Pool Range – There are three plunge pools in the Little Pools line that range from 2.8m to 4.8m. These are deeper pools that give you the best of both worlds.

Pick Your Colour 

There are four exciting colours to choose from when you decide to install a Little Pool. Each one creates an eye-catching and elegant look when the sun hits the water. Royal and Marine are the two darker shades that create a classic look, or you can choose the lighter Ice and Marble tones.

Pick Your Exterior Finish 

You’ll pick from two different exterior finishes with the option to add a burst of colour with a UV-resistant Greenwall. The exterior finishes are:

  • Mini Orb – The Mini Orb finish is our standard finish that comes in six shades ranging from cream to black. These are corrugated steel panels that withstand wear and tear, and they create a unique exterior finish. The matte colouring fits wonderfully with different design aesthetics.
  • Aluminium Composite – You’ll get flat panels that consist of two thin aluminium sheets with a coal coating. The sheets bond to a non-aluminium core for added durability and resistance to fading, chipping or cracking.
  • UV-Resistant Greenwall – The optional choice we give our customers is a UV-resistant Greenwall. This coating adds a pop of bright and bold colour to your Little Pool. You can add it to a single segment, or you can add it all around the outside.

Pick Your Accessories 

Now comes the fun part! Once you pick your size, range, colour and exterior finish, it’s time to pick your accessories. We have several options available that can help you create a unique Little Pool that fits your tastes and lifestyle. Popular accessories include:

  • External Steps – Making entering your Little Pool a quick and easy process.
  • Balustrades –  Fence off your pool to keep little ones safe as they play in the yard.
  • Sanitation Systems – Keep your pool area clean, bright and ready to swim with a tailored sanitation system.
  • Swim Jets – Create an exercise area that allows you to swim to your heart’s content with our swim jets.
  • Multi-Coloured LED Lighting – Enjoy your Little Pool after dusk or host a party with fun LED lighting.
  • Heating Options – Use our heating options to create a spa-like experience in the comfort of your backyard.
  • Energy-Efficient Pumps – Keep your pool clean while saving energy; ask about our energy-efficient pump options.

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If you want advice on whether or not a swim spa is right for you, or you have questions about our Little Pools, stop by one of our showrooms or find your nearest authorised dealer. You can also call us at 1300 667 445 today!