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Our Compass Pools Dealer, Ultimate Pools has recently won BIG at the SPASA New Zealand Awards of Excellence. It is always a mammoth achievement for a dealer to win a SPASA award, especially for Ultimate who won 11 Gold categories at the recent ceremonies. These wins help to cement Ultimate Pools as one of the top tier pool installers within New Zealand, and we couldn’t be prouder.

The categories won by Ultimate Pools at the SPASA NZ awards:

  • Acknowledgement of Industry Service – Warren Wright
  • Gold Award for Construction Tradesperson of the Year – Steve Westlake
  • Gold Award for Enclosed or Indoor pool
  • Gold Award for Operational Excellence – Chelsea Perkins
  • Gold for Fibreglass Lap Pool
  • Gold Award for Fibreglass Pool over $60,000
  • Gold Award for Pool Sales Representative – Jeremy Greco
  • Gold Award for Pool & Spa Barrier Inspector – Rainbow Morris
  • Gold Award for Pool Designer – Rainbow Morris
  • Gold Award for Best Fibreglass Pool Builder
  • Gold award for Business of the Year
  • Gold Award for Pool of the Year
  • Highly Commended Award for Poolside North Shore in Best Single Location Pool Store
  • Highly Commended Award for Fibreglass Pool up to $60,000
  • Highly Commended Award for In-field Service Technician – Trevor Newton
  • Highly Commended Award for Prefabricated Composite Pool over $30,000

To find out more about what these awards mean to Ultimate Pools, we caught up with Rainbow Morris from their team to tell us a little bit about the pools they submitted and of course the awards night!

Q. Congratulations on your wins, what a massive achievement! What does it mean to win a SPASA award for your business?


We were absolutely thrilled to be recognised by our peers and professionals in the NZ and Australian industry by being the recipients of these awards. Winning a SPASA award means our team has been chosen as providing a standard of finished product and service higher than that of any other professional in the NZ industry. We pride ourselves in delivering the best we can to our clients, from our initial on-site meetings, right through to the installation phase and pool handover- and these awards really acknowledge the efforts of our whole team. Winning these SPASA awards is the cherry on top of making the dream of owning an Ultimate swimming pool come true for families.

Q.  It’s an amazing achievement! Can you tell us a little about the pool/s that you submitted for the SPASA awards?


Of course!

Winner ‘Fibreglass Pool Builder of the Year’:

7.2m X-Trainer in Sapphire.

At Ultimate Pools we work with you to understand exactly what you want from your pool investment. We partner with you throughout the entire project and precisely manage the pool installation. Each pool is installed with the care and attention to detail that we would want if it was our own pool.

Once your swimming pool is in, we take pride in ensuring all the benefits of owning a Compass Pool are optimised. We take you through the initial handover, followed by quarterly visits over the first year to ensure everything is working as it should. We derive job satisfaction from seeing our customers getting the most out of their new pool and making the process as uncomplicated and stress free as possible.

Then it’s time for you to relax with friends and family knowing you can enjoy a low maintenance pool of exemplary quality and with the continued support of Ultimate Pools.

Winner ‘Fibreglass Pool over $60,000’:

9.4m X-Trainer in Evolution

Literally living on a ridge line, our clients wished to extend the living and entertaining areas of their home to make their hilltop paradise functional and beautiful without obscuring any views from the home.

The challenge was working on an extremely sloped section with only narrow access way past the existing dwelling on the narrow ridge line.

Pool equipment needed to be hidden from eyesight to keep the natural flow of the view from the house without being obscured.

The photos probably speak for themselves in this instance! The pool and surrounds are an amazing feat of engineering and enhance the rugged landscape while making an absolutely breathtaking entertainment area from the rugged ridge line.

Winner ‘Pool of the Year and Fibreglass Lap Pool’:

20m Fastlane in Evolution

The customer, who is a university professor, was looking for a place for exercise and solitude on his remote farmhouse in Waitoki. There were a couple of options for placement of the pool but with soil and slope stability taken into consideration we found the best spot which would also take advantage of the aspect of the sun.

This was an amazing feat of engineering as the pool was delivered to site – all the way from Newcastle, Australia- in two fibreglass pieces which had to be joined together on site and lifted into the excavated hole in one piece.

As the pool is Vantage self-cleaning, special consideration had to be given to the hydraulic system to ensure that it would clean efficiently in such a large swimming pool.

Our design brief was to provide the client with a lap pool for exercise with close proximity to his home and to maximise the use of a large flat area.

The second part of the brief was to make the pool super easy to care for, which we did with a salt chlorinator, automatic dosing, and the vantage self-cleaning system.

Our design brief for this client was to transform his remote property into a sanctuary for exercise and time out. This amazing 20m long lap pool provides the perfect opportunity to swim year-round for health and wellbeing. The beautiful Evolution colour finish accentuates the surrounding property, while the Vantage self-cleaning system and automation means the pool is immaculate and ready for its owners to enjoy whenever they seek time out from life’s demands. 

Highly Commended for “Prefabricated Composite Pool over $30k’:

9.4m X-Trainer in colour Quartz

This fun-loving young family were working with an area which required extensive retaining to put a pool in. They had been stung with a quote of over $150,000 from another pool company, so were thrilled to learn that we could use our prefabricated composite constructed pools to save thousands in costs. There were limited options in terms of pool placement on the property due to the house being on a valley line with extreme slopes.

This site required major engineering to create a retained base on which to support the pool shell when it was delivered to site. Only a pool such as our freestanding composite pool would work. The pool was craned on to site.

An engineered retaining wall was used to form a base for the pool to be installed on. The pool itself was tailor made specific to the site in Newcastle, Australia before being shipped to NZ. This included Maxi Ribs purpose designed for the site measurements. The pool itself was craned into place over the house.

The family requested a big outdoor entertainment area with space to watch their young children play in the pool. The colour was chosen to work in with the natural environment and landscaping. The pool area works as a perfect extension of the house which has a modern theme and amazing outlook over the valley.

This swimming pool was designed for a fun-loving young family who were looking for an extension of their home and entertainment area with fabulous views across the Muriwai Valley. Making the most of a steeply sloped section, this self-cleaning Compass X-Trainer pool in the popular Quartz colour is the perfect addition to the designer home. The Van Der Walle family could not speak highly enough of their experience with Ultimate Pools and are thrilled with the final result.

Q. Wow, those pools are phenomenal! Were there any funny stories or highlights from the awards night that you feel our readers might be interested in learning about?


A highlight from the night was definitely the presentation of the award for industry service for business owner Warren Wright. Along with the other owner of Ultimate Pools, Steve Westlake. They were both incredibly proud and humbled by the volume of awards bestowed on our team.

At the end of the awards ceremony, Warren asked for a moment to speak, and took to the floor to deliver a breathtaking message and to thank his people and the industry in the NZ native tongue, Maori. ‘He tangata, he tangata, he tangata’ – it is the people, the people, the people.’ he said.  As he struggled to get the words out, it was clear he was overcome with emotion. There was not a dry eye in the house.

Photos of the Ultimate team at the SPASA NZ awards night:


Q. Thank you for taking time to speak with us! Is there anything else you feel we should share with our readers about your SPASA winning pools or your experience on winning a SPASA award?


We think this is a great opportunity to really show our customers and the industry how passionate we are about what we do. We are great believers in being at the forefront of development in the industry and being leaders in our field. One example of this is recently being announced as the first Climate Care certified Pool Builder in NZ. We would wholeheartedly encourage other pool builders to join associations such as SPASA who advocate professionalism in our industry and help us to demonstrate this to the community.