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It’s easy to find households with portable pools throughout Australia. They give many families an affordable and cost-effective way to beat the summer heat and give people a natural gathering place.

What are other reasons why portable swimming pools are so popular, and what are their drawbacks? What options for portable swimming pools do you have available in your area?

We’ll go over everything you need to know about a portable plunge pool, and you can decide whether or not you want to purchase one for your own backyard.

Defining a Portable Pool

Portable pools use prefabricated shells that are quick and easy to install in your yard. When you look at portable pools for sale, you’ll notice that they come in a large array of shapes and colours. This allows you to tailor your purchase to your yard size and shape with minimal difficulty. Portable pools also eliminate the need for time-consuming and expensive construction. And, you won’t have to worry about having a lot of additional space in your yard for the company to install them.

All of this means that you can buy your new portable swimming pool relatively cheap, no matter what your budget may be. Portable pools are very popular with small families, couples and single people who want a swimming pool but don’t want to spend thousands to get one.

Choosing a Portable Pool Type

One of the first things you want to look for when you look at portable pools for sale is the type. There are five main types you can consider, and picking the correct one for your needs and space will help you get the most out of it. We outlined them for you below.

1. Portable Plunge Pool

A portable plunge pool is much shorter and narrower than a traditional pool, but it is deeper. It can have a fibreglass body, which is very durable. Fibreglass is also resistant to bacteria and algae, reducing your cleaning time. Fibreglass comes built to last your lifetime with minimal maintenance, so it is on the high end of portable pool prices. The larger upfront cost pays for itself over time, though.

2. Shipping Container Pool

shipping container pool is an extremely popular option throughout Australia because you can put it in a broad range of spaces. It has a shipping container exterior with a fibreglass pool insert. This type of portable pools features a narrow design that is great for swimming laps. And, all you need is a flat area such as a concrete slab to sit it on. You plug it in, fill it up and it’s ready to use.

3. Little Pools

Next up is Little Pools. These portable pools come in two shapes, and they fit perfectly in a lot of backyards that don’t have a lot of space. At Compass Pools, we work in conjuncture with them, and we’re one of Australia’s leading fibreglass pool manufacturers. This means you get the latest technology and techniques in each pool design. You’ll also get the benefit of having the durability and strength of a traditional fibreglass pool without breaking your budget.

4. Vinyl-Lined Pool

Another type of portable pools for sale features is a vinyl liner. It is one of the cheapest options available for portable swimming pools. You’ll get a metal frame to support the pool itself and make it stable. There is a resin base that you line with your vinyl liner before you fill the pool for use. You can choose from different designs, shapes and sizes. However, you will have to replace the vinyl liner every five to seven years because it’ll break down over time.

5. Plastic Pool

Arguably the cheapest choice on the list, a plastic pool is something many people consider because it’s quick and convenient. These pools come in sizes and shapes that allow both adults and children to enjoy them. They’re very prone to damage, though. It’s easy to poke a hole in the side or the bottom that you will then have to patch. The upside is they’re easy to break down and take with you.

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Portable Swimming Pools

Now that you know the types of portable swimming pools available, we’ll break down some of the biggest benefits and drawbacks of owning one. This way, you can decide if the benefits outweigh the risks and whether or not these are good pools for your family to use.

Four Benefits of Setting up a Portable Pool

First up is the benefits. There are several reasons why portable pools are so popular. These include:

Benefit One – Portability

The most obvious advantage of these pools is their portability factor. If you move, you can easily pack up your pool and move it with you. This is a stark difference from an inground pool where you’d have no choice but to leave it behind. It’s easy to take your portable plunge pool with you, particularly if you choose to buy a Little Pool or a shipping container pool. You can load it up on a flatbed truck, move it to your new home, unload it, set it up and enjoy it with minimal fuss. 

Benefit Two – Quick Installation

The second benefit of owning a portable pool is the quick installation process. Unlike a traditional pool where you have to have a company come out, survey your yard and excavate it to fit the pool, a portable pool requires none of this. The company delivers the shell straight to your home and set it wherever you want, as long as it’s a flat piece of land. This is a very cost-effective way to go about getting a pool, and it’ll be ready to enjoy as soon as you hook it up to electricity and fill it. 

Benefit Three – Cost-Effective

With a traditional pool, you can easily expect to spend upwards of $50,000 to install it. Above-ground pools are cheaper than inground options, but they’re still very expensive. You have to pay for the pool itself and any excavation. If you choose a concrete pool, the costs go up to over $75,000 by the time you have your pool in. If your yard has difficult access, this adds more expenses. Portable pools are very cost-effective in this case because they can fit into tighter access areas and don’t require excavation.

Benefit Four – Family-Friendly

Since these types of pools come in different sizes and shapes, they’re very family-friendly. For example, you can get a portable swimming pool that is shallower than a traditional pool, and this is nice if you have a younger child around. You can also customise your pool to suit your needs with a broad range of options, and you’ll still come under the amount you’d spend if you tried to customise a traditional pool.

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Four Drawbacks of Setting up a Portable Pool

Unfortunately, setting up a portable pool has some drawbacks, which will depend largely on the type of pool you pick out. 

Drawback One – Maintenance Costs

While you may save money upfront when you buy this type of pool, you could end up paying more in the long run for general maintenance and repairs. For example, if you pick out a vinyl-sided pool, you’ll have to replace the vinyl siding within five to seven years.

Pool chemicals and sunlight exposure will break it down and cause it to weaken. A plastic pool is easy to poke holes in and damage. Fibreglass, however, is very resistant to damage, and it can last years without needing any repairs. 

Drawback Two – Cleaning Requirements

No matter which type of pool you get, you’ll have to clean it. Unfortunately, some are far more labour-intensive than others. You’ll have to have a filter system in place with the water circulating, and you have to ensure you get the right chemical balance to keep the water safe. This goes for any pool, although fibreglass pools are naturally resistant to bacteria or algae growth, and this means less cleaning overall. 

Drawback Three – Look

A lot of people think that inground pools simply look better than above-ground pools. Many portable pools can’t compete with the sleek look of a traditional pool, especially the fibreglass pools. Your staycation by the pool would simply feel different if you have a cheap portable pool installed. But, you can add different decking options around your pool to make them more attractive. You get the choice of different cladding for the pool’s exterior, and this can help fix the look of your portable pool. 

Drawback Four – Size and Shape Restraints

Depending on the type of pool you pick out, you could find that you have only a few size and shape options available. You can customise your pool further with extras, but you might not get the pool of your dreams. Additionally, portable pools are generally better for smaller families. And, if you have a big family, there may not be one big enough for them to enjoy at once.

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Consider a Portable Pool from Little Pools

At Compass Pools, we have an impressive range of fibreglass pools available, however, none of them would really be considered portable. Even if they are built above the ground, they are designed to be landscaped around. As such, it is not easy to simply disconnect them, lift them off the ground, load onto a truck and move to your new home. However, Little Pools have a great choice of high-quality fibreglass pools that you can take with you when moving if you decide so. Their portable pools for sale can fit into a large budget range and because they are powered by Compass Pools knowledge and technologies, they take great pride in offering fantastic looking and durable portable fibreglass pools for Australian pool owners.

You can take a look at their website to find out more about the products on offer. And in case you realise that you would consider a permanent pool installation, we invite you to contact our professional and friendly team with any questions by dropping by your local Compass Pools dealership. They are ready to answer your questions and discuss your requirements and ideas with you!