How to Select the Best Pool Installer

Everyone considering building a pool wants to contract the best pool company to do the job. Future pool owners are looking for an experienced and skilled pool builder to get on the job and build the dream pool for them. We at Compass proudly manufacture high-quality swimming pools which are installed by authorised pool builders. You also have the option to do the installation yourself, however, consider if it is not more than you can chew. You can read more about the challenges of DYI pool installations here.

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So, if you are looking for the best pool company and wonder where to find one, head into our ‘Locate a pool builder’ section where you can find a pool company close to you. And the best news is, all of these pool builders have years of experience with installing Compass fibreglass pools, so you can rely on them to do a fabulous job in your backyard.

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Compass Pool’s Swimming Pool Construction Process

I guess first off most clients have a bit of an understanding of what they want. From there I lead into what they’re going to use the pool for, how much room they think they might need, how many kids, do they entertain a lot. It’s basically finding out what they need. From there we can work out the best way to go about that.

I guess the most common questions that we’re always asked is should I lay pavers on sand or should I lay them on concrete? Traditionally, we used to lay all our pavers on sand around a pool. Most of the time they were a small format, so we could get away with laying them. These days, most people want large format pavers, large format concrete or natural stone. So nowadays you can’t lay pavers on sand around the pool purely because of the movements around the sand that washes out. You get a far better job on concrete.

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