Looking for the Best Swimming Pools

Selecting the best swimming pool is a demanding task. You might end up searching for weeks and months and comparing all the pool manufacturers and the pools within their portfolio. However, maybe it does not have to be that complicated. Read our advice on how to identify the best swimming pools on the market and especially how to find a pool that will match your requirements. Set your priorities and ask yourself, is it an investment for a few years or for my whole life? Do I want to spend time cleaning the pool? Is it a local manufacturer of durable and high-quality pools? And so on.

Pool Contractors Matter

When you find a swimming pool that you like, the next step is planning and executing your pool installation project. There are many skilled pool builders around. You might want to talk to a couple of them to get a feeling of their communication and professionality. Getting references from people that already have a pol in their backyard might come handy as they can exactly tell you all the ups and downs they experienced. You can start by searching our list of authorised pool builders by inserting your postcode to find a skilled and reliable pool builder to install your new Compass Pool in your area.

Compass Pools Australia NSW SPASA Awards 2017 Local Pools and Spas 1200

Congratulations to Local Pools and Spas on their SPASA Awards

All of us at Compass Pools want to send our huge congratulations to our Sydney dealers, Local Pools and Spas, who won four awards at the prestigious NSW SPASA Awards recently. We’re delighted at their success as we enjoy a long-lasting and highly productive relationship with them. The awards they won are Gold – Residential Fibreglass Pool over $60,000 (Metropolitan), Silver – Residential Fibreglass Pool over $60,000 (State), Bronze – Residential Fibreglass Pool up to $40,000 (Metropolitan), and Bronze – Residential Fibreglass Pool $40,000 – $60,000 (Metropolitan). Learn more about this great success, discover some brilliant pool design ideas by looking at the best pools that have been awarded and learn why Local Pools and Spas are the best pool contractor to talk to when considering a pool in the Great South Sydney region.

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How much does an in-ground pool cost?

One of the first questions people usually ask is “How much will my new in-ground pool cost?” The answer to that question is best given in two parts: What will it cost to get a new in-ground pool up and running? What will be the likely ongoing costs involved with owning that pool? The most common types of pool sold in Australia include concrete, fibreglass and vinyl-liner. Understandably, all pools have different price points in the market.