After a Long Lap Pool?

Building a custom length pool is common for concrete pools that can be tailored to fit any backyard. With fibreglass pools, creating longer lap pools has traditionally not been that easy. At Compass, we have invented a technology that allows us to combine several traditional Fastlane fibreglass pool shells into one extra long, custom-length fibreglass pool.

Compass Pools Have the Solution

With this option, you can have a full-length lap pool built in your backyard to allow you to spend time on your regular morning exercise. The possibility of building custom-length fibreglass pools has been added to our portfolio after doing research on the possibility of joining two or more pool shells. This needs to be done on site, as the maximum length of a fibreglass pool shell is limited. This is not due to the technology itself but because of the transportation from the factory to the place of installation. Read on to learn more about our custom-length pools.

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Fibreglass Pool Options And Design Versatility

Compass technology gives us some incredible versatility. We’re now able to build lap pools up to 30 metres in length and at custom lengths. So we’ve moved on from just having a pool that is one set size. We also have the ability to add optional side steps to some of our swimming pools. We can do things such as recess Sunpod water features and create elements to a pool that are just not regularly seen in the fibreglass swimming pool market.

We have the ability now to connect bodies of water where we install a pool and we might install one of our wader pools or a nice spa or something like that and make all this connected and flow. It just adds to the overall wow factor of having a swimming pool. Let’s face it, a swimming pool is swum in a lot and that’s fantastic but for the other half of the time it’s a water feature. So we want this thing to look as amazing as possible. If you’ve got ideas and concepts and you want to talk to us about them, we’re all ears.

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