When you have children, a kids pool is an exciting addition to your home. It gives you a safe place to teach the kids to swim, and is ideal for spending quality time together as a family. But to get the best from the space, you need to choose a pool which is equipped to meet all of your needs.

What to look for in a kids pool

Your swimming pool is a big investment which will need to last for many years. During that time your kids will grow up, and the things they need from a pool will change. It is important to consider their future needs when choosing a kids pool. They will quickly need more space as they grow, and they will probably want to invite their friends over for pool parties, particularly when they are teenagers.

A large family pool makes more sense than a plunge pool or lap pool, as it gives the whole family enough space to enjoy swimming and playing games together in the water, creating precious memories and sealing your family bond. It will also be spacious enough to cater for the changing needs of your growing family into the future. Plus, the difference in price is probably not as much as you think!

Why choose Compass Pools for your kids pool

At Compass Pools Australia, we understand that different families and different homes have different requirements. This is why our family pools come in a range of lengths, widths and depths, to suit your needs and the size and shape of your backyard.

We also make sure our pools have as many safety features as possible, including non-slip surfaces, perimeter ledges for kids to hold onto if they get tired, and large seating areas so there is always a handy place to rest and relax in the water.

Read on to find out more about what Compass Pools can offer when choosing a kids pool which will suit every stage of their lives.

Swimming pools for the whole family

Thinking of having a kids pool? Many families think of building a pool mainly for their kids. However, a swimming pool is a big investment and over the years, your small kids will turn into youngsters and later, adults. They will have different preferences and will most probably want to swim in the pool or have parties with their friends.

Thus, going for a larger pool might be a good idea if your backyard allows you to. And the price difference between a plunge pool where small kids and the whole family can play and a larger family pool or lap pool is not that huge.

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Swimming Pool Quotation: The Cost Will Depend On Your Site

I get a lot of calls throughout the day from people who are in that early planning stage. The first thing they say is, I want a quote on an eight metre pool or a six metre pool or whatever it is. Realistically it’s hard to be able to do that. Putting the pool and all of the equipment and all of your choices aside, it’s about your site.

Being able to ballpark a pool on the costs, I don’t know if you’re on a slope. I don’t know if you need to have a standard bond beam on your pool. I don’t know if your pool is going to be raised up a little bit. I don’t know if you’re in the building stages and we might have to pop the pool in prior to the house being built.

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Swimming Pool Shape And Sizes For Different Use & Purposes

A lot of people who come into the display centre to have a bit of a chat about what sort of pool might be right for them, the first question they always want to talk about is what shape or what size is going to fit in their block or the space that they’ve got in mind.

That is important definitely, obviously for what is going to fit in the area that you’ve got. But more importantly, or just as importantly, is how you see yourself using your pool. If you’ve got a heap of kids and you’re imagining it’s going to be pool party at your place every weekend, then you want to make sure that you’ve got a really kid-friendly pool. What that means is a nice say, a 7, 8, 9 metre pool is perfect for a big family, great for kids.

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Pool Layout Ideas Suitable For Your Home Design

When thinking about installing your pool, thinking about where it goes may come naturally. This might be, ok, that’s the spot I’m definitely going to have my pool installed. Other properties might have tremendous flexibility. There can be a little bit of consternation about where that pool is exactly going to go.

When we’re generally talking about installation of a pool and you’re thinking about it in relation to your lifestyle, what is most ideal is that the pool becomes an extension of your living area. It’s an area that is connected to your house. You may want to see your kids swimming and so forth, which is an important factor as well.

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Long Term Pool Planning Ideas

We’re often told by people looking at planning their pool and installing it, I’ve got young children. I’m worried about them, they’re not great swimmers, there’s a little baby. So what I want to do is I want to create a beach area, something shallow in the pool.

One really important aspect of a swimming pool is when you install it, if you’re planning to stay in your house for quite some time, you’re really going to live with whatever you’ve got for as along as you’re in that house. The important thing is to think, they’re children for a little while, but they grow up. It’s not long before they’re incredibly competent swimmers. They’ve got all their friends home from school and they want to use as much of that pool as practically possible.

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Pool Construction Process And Turnaround Time

Once a customer brings their council approved paperwork into the office, usually the timeframe from receiving approvals and the pool going in the ground is between six to eight weeks. That’s a rough timeframe. Weather is something that is beyond anyone’s control but it is usually between six to eight weeks.

Filtration equipment is obviously a really important part of your pool. What we need is usually around two metres, two and a half metres but that depends on the amount of space you’ve got available in your yard. So we can customise the installation of your equipment to best suit your yard.