New year, new pool! Having a swimming pool installed in your backyard is a great way to motivate yourself to enjoy a new, healthier lifestyle in the coming year, and beyond. But if you want to start the year as you mean to go on, it is essential to plan ahead so your pool can be built in time.

Why a pool makes sense for the new year

Most of us are concerned about getting back into shape after the excesses of the holiday season, with many of us making resolutions to pursue healthier lifestle in the year to come. Having a swimming pool in the privacy of your own backyard makes it much easier to stick to your ambitions and achieve your goals.

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise – it’s great for cardiovascular health, and it works almost every muscle in the body, so it is ideal for toning up and maintaining a healthy weight.

Additionally, our stress levels tend to increase in the new year, as we return to work after the holidays and have to face the pressure of catching up on workloads. Your backyard swimming pool provides you with a haven of calm right outside your door, enabling you to relax and unwind in the water, and feel the stresses of the day melting away. This is ideal for achieving a calmer, more positive outlook throughout the year.

How to make sure your pool is ready for the start of the year

Pool builders are notoriously busy during the summer, as the weather is beautiful and many homeowners begin to think about having pools built. If you want to guarantee the availability of a good pool builder, you should plan ahead and aim to begin your pool project in the winter months.

As Compass Pools’ fibreglass pools can be installed in a matter of days, this means your pool can be completely ready and landscaped by the spring, so you can start enjoying it well in advance of the new year. This makes it much easier to get a head start on your new, healthier lifestyle.

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