Out of Ground Fibreglass Pools

People looking for an out-of-ground pool (partially or completely) had to turn to a vinyl liner or concrete pools. However, with the introduction of the Maxi Rib pool support system, there is no need to give up on owning an out-of-ground fibreglass pool. Out-of-ground fibreglass pools have all the advantages of fibreglass pools, including a quick turnaround time, fantastic durability, shining colour and the self-cleaning system. Above all, fibreglass out-of-ground pools can be built as infinity pools to create that amazing effect of water merging into the surroundings.

Any Pool Can be Built Above the Ground

Any of our fibreglass swimming pools shapes can be built with the Maxi Rib technology and thus, installed on a difficult yard. You can select any of our small pools, middle-sized pools or large pools. Then, when talking to your nearest pool builder, you will discuss how the pool will be built and the purchase order will have the request to have Maxi Rib used with your pool shell.

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Finding The Right Swimming Pool Manufacturer

There are many reasons people choose a Compass swimming pool. That’s pretty important when you do my job.

One of the great things about it is that we have a small number of people out there who have soil conditions called reactive soil. One facet of our swimming pools is that they are literally twice as strong as a traditional fibreglass swimming pool and they’re built to ground conditions. Anyone who has done a lot of research on reactive soils and the right product for their place often ends up with a Compass pool.

Another reason people choose Compass pools is for a unique ability to be able to install these pools up out of ground, to put them in some really unusual site conditions that have generally only been the domain of concrete pools.

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Freestanding Pools Using Maxi Rib Technology

One of the great things about Compass Pools and one of the great technological breakthroughs is that we won an Australian Design award for creating a product called Maxi-Ribs. Maxi-Ribs lets us take our unique ceramic core shell and free stand the pool without using retaining walls. What I mean by free standing is a that this pool is not necessarily a pool that is actually inserted into the ground. In some cases that pool may be partially out of the ground, meaning it is above ground, or it might be fully out of the ground. There are many approaches and versatile aspects of actually installing a Maxi-Rib pool. Give one of the team a call today on 1300 667 445.

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