Does pool colour technology matter? Our fibreglass pools come in different shapes and with awesome colours. You can select a vivid colour technology for your new fibreglass pool or go with the premium Bi-luminite pool colour. In this section, you will find out more about pool colours. If you’d like to learn more about the Bi-luminite colour technology, head to our article that explains the Bi-luminite layering process.

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What is the Compass Pools fibreglass manufacturing process?

Anthony Cross: One of the people who is instrumental in the R&D efforts here at Compass Pools Australia particularly with our gelcoat and colour technology is Paul Bennet from Trojan Fibreglass. Paul sources the best raw materials from all over the world and then he carries out his own testing onsite and reformulation. I’m going to ask Paul a few questions about this today.

So Paul, just tell us a little bit about how that works and why it’s so important to get the best raw materials and best result for Compass Pools.

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Swimming Pool Color Options – Compass Pools Range of Colours

One thing that you really have to consider when planning your new pool is what colour it’s going to be. The good thing about the Compass pools range is the Bi-Luminite and the Vivid series of colours offer a huge range. You can go from a nice grey base, the stony rivers, the creeks, through to shallow water of the beach, through to the deepest part of the bluest oceans.

The reason we’ve got such a great range is to cover what everyone’s choices are. If you want a real wow factor, bright, modern sort of design, there’s definitely going to be a pool colour that is going to fit into it.