Pool Landscaping Considerations

Landscaping is one of the major steps in your pool installation project. Along with the pool shell shape, size and colour, it has the most tangible impact on the overall impression your pool will make. Our authorised Compass Pools Dealers will help you will all the steps in the pool-building process, including the pool landscaping.

Consult Your Pool Project

Having a contractor who understands pool surroundings helps to decrease the number of people on the site. The job that adds the most visual added-value to the pool installation is the laying of the pavers. Because of the width of 370mm of a typical concrete beam that goes around the pool, the most popular pavers are 400x400mm or 600x400mm. After the concrete beam cures and the tiles are laid, other landscaping works can commence. Some of the dealers will do the landscaping themselves, whereas others will recommend a specialised company. Get in touch with your closest pool builder to discuss the pool project with them.

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Backyard Pools: How to Make Your Pool a Success

Backyard pools are an integral part of the Australian outdoor lifestyle. There’s no better feeling than plunging into your own pool and enjoying the water with family and friends. But how can you make sure your pool is a stunning design feature that will continue to bring you happiness for many years to come?Here, we take a look at the phenomenon of the backyard pool and offer our hints and tips for creating a perfect pool of your own.

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Compass Pool’s Swimming Pool Construction Process

I guess first off most clients have a bit of an understanding of what they want. From there I lead into what they’re going to use the pool for, how much room they think they might need, how many kids, do they entertain a lot. It’s basically finding out what they need. From there we can work out the best way to go about that.

I guess the most common questions that we’re always asked is should I lay pavers on sand or should I lay them on concrete? Traditionally, we used to lay all our pavers on sand around a pool. Most of the time they were a small format, so we could get away with laying them. These days, most people want large format pavers, large format concrete or natural stone. So nowadays you can’t lay pavers on sand around the pool purely because of the movements around the sand that washes out. You get a far better job on concrete.