When you’re choosing your ideal swimming pool, it isn’t just the size and shape that matters – the appearance is also an important consideration as it needs to blend with its surroundings and be an impressive design feature that will add value to your home. It also has to reflect your own personal taste. Your pool needs to be as individual as you are! At Compass Pools, we’re constantly increasing our colour offering so you can have ever more choice of pool water colour.

Pool water colour options from Compass Pools

We offer two different colour systems – Vivid and Bi-Luminite – both of which are available in a range of highly attractive shades. Made using extra-large colour chips, both systems offer colour that is vibrant and eye-catching, making your pool a stunning design showpiece in your backyard. Our Bi-Luminite range gives your pool water colour a stunning 3D effect, for extra sparkle and a longer-lasting effect.

Find out more about the different options here or get in touch with us to discuss your individual preferences.

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Swimming Pool Color Options – Compass Pools Range of Colours

One thing that you really have to consider when planning your new pool is what colour it’s going to be. The good thing about the Compass pools range is the Bi-Luminite and the Vivid series of colours offer a huge range. You can go from a nice grey base, the stony rivers, the creeks, through to shallow water of the beach, through to the deepest part of the bluest oceans.

The reason we’ve got such a great range is to cover what everyone’s choices are. If you want a real wow factor, bright, modern sort of design, there’s definitely going to be a pool colour that is going to fit into it.