Whatever your pool usage needs, Compass Pools Australia can help you find the right small swimming pool for you. With a range of stunning pool designs available in compact sizes, you are sure to find a pool which will look fantastic in your backyard, as well as offering all the space you need to exercise and relax in the water.

Small swimming pools from Compass Pools

If you have a family, we can offer a number of pools which are large enough to swim and enjoy playing games in the water, while still being compact enough to make it easy to supervise the kids while swimming. These small versions of our larger pools come with all the safety features you need, including seating areas, perimeter ledges and non-slip surfaces, and they are built using the exact same technology as our larger pools, so they are every bit as strong and durable.

If relaxation is more of a priority, a plunge or courtyard pool could be the right choice for you. These come in a range of different lengths to suit the size of your backyard, but they are deeper than our regular pools, giving you the full advantage of an immersive space where you can experience true relaxation and stress relief.

Pools to suit smaller backyards

Even if space in your backyard is extremely limited, or the yard is a particularly unusual shape, we can still create the ideal pool for you. Our Maxi Rib technology enables us to build your pool partially or fully above-ground by creating an extremely strong structure underneath it. This means you can still get full usage out of your backyard space while enjoying a small swimming pool which will last a lifetime.

Read on below to find out more details about the small swimming pools we offer.

Compass Pools Australia Above ground pool options

Above-ground pool options

If you like the idea of having your own swimming pool but your site is not well suited to an in-ground solution, then the good news is that you still have plenty of options. Sometimes, it simply isn’t practical to install a pool completely in the ground. In this article, we explore the pros and cons of some of the more permanent options available to you when planning your new pool. Like most construction projects there are options for different budgets.

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Little Pools as alternative to shipping container pools

Shipping Container Pools: Introducing this new swimming pool trend and alternatives

The trend for shipping container pools in Australia is sweeping the nation. These above-ground swimming pools made from upcycled shipping containers are quite popular, due to their convenience and relatively affordable price tags. But is a container pool the right choice for you? And are there any alternatives which might better suit your needs? Here’s…

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