So you’ve chosen the swimming pool design you want – but how do you decide on the best person to build it? You need to take a number of things into consideration such as cost, reputation and how long they’ve been in business. If possible, you should also try and look at some of their previous work and speak to their customers to make sure their pool building skills are up to standard.

Choosing which pool builder to use

At Compass Pools, we’ve spent a long time working with different pool builders. We can help you decide which pool builder you should use in order to get value for money as well as a beautiful pool that will last for many years. Here we offer our essential tips for buyers and the factors you should be considering in order to make sure your pool stays fit for purpose into the future. We can also provide advice on the pool builders we enjoy good working relationships with throughout Australia, including awards they have won.

Get the most out of your Compass Pool by choosing the right pool builder – we’re always happy to help if you need further information.

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Long Term Pool Planning Ideas

We’re often told by people looking at planning their pool and installing it, I’ve got young children. I’m worried about them, they’re not great swimmers, there’s a little baby. So what I want to do is I want to create a beach area, something shallow in the pool.

One really important aspect of a swimming pool is when you install it, if you’re planning to stay in your house for quite some time, you’re really going to live with whatever you’ve got for as along as you’re in that house. The important thing is to think, they’re children for a little while, but they grow up. It’s not long before they’re incredibly competent swimmers. They’ve got all their friends home from school and they want to use as much of that pool as practically possible.

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Compass Pools Australia - Tips for Pool Buyers

6 Top Tips for Swimming Pool Buyers

The thing about swimming pools is that once they are in the ground they are there to stay, so the decisions you make at the purchasing stage can affect your overall satisfaction further down the track. There are plenty of factors to consider that will influence your choices as you create your ideal pool. Let’s have a look at some of the important questions/points you’ll need to think about so you end up with the best pool for you and your family.

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