WarrantiesCompass Pools Australia 3 types of warranties

There are 3 types of warranties that help protect your pool investment during the installation process, and in the years that follow. It is important that you know what these types of warranties are, when they apply, and how to make a claim.

Pool Shell Warranties

Compass Pools Australia is the manufacturer of your pool shell, and we provide a manufacturer’s warranty that only applies to your pool shell. As such, your pool shell warranty is not an installation warranty and it is not an equipment warranty. Where you believe there are installation issues or equipment issues, you should refer such issues to your contracted pool builder and/or equipment supplier in the first instance.

Compass warrants your pool shell (and the interior surface) against manufacturing and material defects for the stated warranty periods, subject to the conditions, limitations and exclusions set out in your warranty certificate. Your pool shell warranty certificate is included in this Pool Owner’s Guide.

As the owner of a Compass pool, it is your responsibility to read (and ensure you understand) the information contained in your pool shell warranty certificate. The warranty certificate also includes a requirement to follow the guidelines laid out in this Pool Owner’s Guide. This guide has been prepared to help you comply with your responsibilities, including the proper care, maintenance, and safe use of your Compass pool.

Pool Shell Inclusions

Your Compass pool shell comprises a composite structure, including the interior gelcoat surface, the internal layers, the exterior structure and the fittings built into the pool shell at the time of manufacture (but excluding all plumbing).

Pool Shell Exclusions

The pool shell does not include any concrete and tiles, concrete coping and pavers, pipes and fittings, skimmer boxes, suction and return outlets, pool lights, cosmetic joint sealants, other fittings and equipment or any modification or addition to the pool shell that occurs outside of the pool shell manufacturing process.

Warranty Repairs

The nature of fibreglass allows for repair of almost all damage that can occur. The method of repair can vary and will be determined by Compass Pools Australia should a claim be accepted as warranty.

Relationship between Parties

Compass Pools Australia (the manufacturer of your Compass pool shell), is a separate company from the authorised independent Dealer (your contracted pool builder) that sold and installed your pool shell. The Dealer is authorised to sell Compass products and has agreed not to represent themselves as Compass Pools Australia and cannot commit Compass Pools Australia to any additional liability above those imposed by law, be it warranty, quality, fit for purpose or any consequential damages.

Compass Pools Australia is not in partnership with the Dealer, nor is there any franchise agreement or franchise arrangement between Compass Pools Australia and the Dealer. Neither party is an agent or representative of the other and has no right to bind or make any commitment on the other party’s behalf.

Builder’s Installation Warranties

Each State and Territory government has its own list of statutory guarantees that apply to building works, including in most cases the installation of a swimming pool. In addition to any statutory guarantees, your pool builder’s contract will include other specific provisions and protections. As such, you should retain a copy of your contract in a safe place for future reference.

It does vary from State to State, but typically your statutory Builder’s Installation Warranty provides protection against defective installation for between 6 and 7 years (structural defects) and up to 2 years (non-structural defects) from the date of practical completion. Contact your contracted pool builder in the first instance, if you suspect that you have an issue with the installation or operation of your swimming pool.

Note: Contact your contracted pool builder immediately if you suspect your pool is leaking, and never drain your pool or allow the water level to drop below the skimmer box, as damage can occur.

Equipment Warranties

An installed and operating pool includes a range of filtration equipment (typically a pump, filter, and sanitizing system) along with other ancillary components (such as pool lights). Each component usually comes with a manufacturer’s repair or replacement defect warranty. The typical period of such warranty for pool equipment and components is 1 to 3 years. manufacturer’s defect warranties are additional warranties that are offered by the manufacturer, over and above the statutory consumer guarantees stipulated under the Australian Consumer Law.

Where your pool equipment requires servicing, you should contact the supplier in the first instance. A warranty claim may be rejected where the equipment was not operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Each item of equipment includes an Operating Manual, which is usually provided in the original box. Alternatively, you may be issued with a folder of Operating Manuals from your contracted pool builder at the time of handover.

You should familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s guidelines and retain the Operating Manuals for future reference. Most equipment manuals can also be downloaded from the original equipment manufacturer’s websites.