The way your pool looks will affect your enjoyment just as much as the way it functions. Compass can offer you more choice and stunning colours that have unmatched depth and luminousity. The unique bi-luminite colouring process used by Compass enhances the appearance of your pool and actually works to keep it looking like new for longer.


The surface of a Compass Bi-luminite pool can only be described as brilliantly luminous. Behind this luminous, three-dimensional lustre is another example of the scientific approach Compass takes to every aspect of pool construction.

Before Compass developed Bi-luminite technology, most  fibreglass composite pools came in plain colour finishes. Some had flecks, others tried to look like marble. Compass revolutionised the look of fibreglass composite pools by inserting large reflective chips into the resin and using two colour layers, not just one.

Compass Pools Australia Our Promise Bi-luminite Colour Process

Bi-luminite™ Pools are manufactured with ArmourShield for maximum protection

All Bi-luminite™ ceramic pools are manufactured with ArmourShield (an extra layer of vinyl ester resin) so your pool can maintain its stunning good looks for longer, and as protection from the effects of long-term immersion in water. Only a Compass Bi-luminite™ ceramic pool gives you the peace of mind of our patented technology, with a lifetime structural warranty and a 10 year comprehensive cosmetic warranty*. *Conditions apply. Refer to the Compass Pools Australia manufacturer’s warranty for full details. Read more about our triple guarantee.

Compass Pools offers two colour ranges, with our most popular being the Bi-luminite™ ceramic collection

While most other manufacturers only offer a range of single-layer gelcoat colour options, sometimes with glitter and small colour particles added, Bi-luminite™ technology (unique to Compass Pools) features a two-layer colouring process to produce stunning, three dimensional colours. Bi-luminite™ technology achieves this through the use of large, reflective colour chips suspended in a clear gelcoat layer, with extra glitter and a second colour layer.

Our Bi-luminite™ ceramic collection contains 10 stunning options to enhance your water colour, so there’s always a perfect pool colour to suit your style and landscaping finishes. Your pool’s water colour is also influenced by the surroundings and the amount of sunlight or shade present, so photographic representations are suitable as a general guide only.

Our second colour range is the Compass Vivid ceramic collection, which comes in 4 exciting options. Vivid is a single-layer colour system only, but still includes our large, reflective colour chips.

Compass Pools Australia Our Promise - Two Colour Ranges
Compass Pools Australia Our Promise - Large Reflective Colour Chips for our Swimming Pools

Compass Pools are made using Large Reflective Chips

One of the reasons all Compass pools look so fantastic is our use of large reflective chips. While it is common for pool manufacturers to use glitter and small coloured particles when applying their gelcoat finish, we have managed to adapt our technology so that large chips can be applied.

Our technicians have developed a unique range of colour chips which are made by Compass and exclusively used on Compass pools. By adding these large reflective chips into the colour mix, you are left with a more dynamic looking pool that is enhanced by sunlight and water.

Wondering which pool shape to choose? All of our fibreglass pools look great with any Bi-luminite colour. The top picks, however, include Vogue pool, X-Trainer swimming pool and the Plunge pool.

Compass Pools Australia Our Promise - Large Reflective Colour Chips for our Swimming Pools See it for Yourself
Compass Pools Australia Bi-luminite colour of swimming pools-chip-photo-landscape



Comprehensive protection of your pool, inside and out

Over the last 35 years we’ve pushed the boundaries of innovation in fibreglass composite swimming pools. In the 90’s, Compass pioneered new construction methods, with our patented ceramic core technology and exclusive Bi-luminite surface finishes.

More recently, Compass has continued the innovation journey with our patented HydroPro hydrostatic relief valve, providing maximum protection against groundwater pressure and extreme storm events.

Compass Pools Australia - Our pool features - 10 year cosmetic guarantee


Enhanced cosmetic protection with ArmourShield technology

Compass Pools Australia - Our pool features - lifetime structural guarantee


Superior structural performance with CeramicCore technology

Compass Pools Australia - Our pool features - lifetime hydrostatic guarantee


Comprehensive hydrostatic protection with our HydroPro system

The HydroProrelief valve is a standard inclusion in all Compass Ceramic Composite pools manufactured from January 2016