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Ready to talk about creating your dream pool?

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After selecting the pool material, technology and manufacturer, plus selecting the pool shape, there is another important choice to be made: selecting the pool builder to install your pool in your backyard. But what should you be looking for in a pool builder that makes them the right company for the job? Here are a number of important factors to take into consideration.

Company history

How long has the company been in operation? Are they dedicated to building fibreglass pools, or do they diversify into other areas? It is common that the pool contractor builds concrete pools, too, however, check the level of their experience with fibreglass pools.


If you have a family member or friend who has used a particular company to build their fibreglass pool and been happy with their work, the chances are that they are a reputable company. However, you can also learn a lot about a company by reading online reviews on Google and Facebook, as customers are not usually hesitant about expressing their true opinions online! A good pool building company will also probably be happy to provide you with references.


Do the company quickly respond when you contact them? Are they happy to discuss your requirements and accommodate your needs? Ultimately you need to choose a company that will be prepared to work closely with you and build your pool to suit your individual specifications. If they are responsive, accommodating and friendly, these are all good signs of a company that will do a good job for you.

Previous work

If at all possible, try and look at some previous pool installations the company has completed in your area. This is the best way of ascertaining whether or not their work is good enough for you to trust them with building your pool.

Price for the Pool

Price matters to all of us – the company should offer to build your pool at a competitive rate. They should be prepared to offer you a detailed quote, and ideally, a guarantee that the finished job will not exceed the amount they have quoted. Look out for hidden extras – a reputable company will be up-front about exactly what they are charging you for. Any attempts to hide costs or overcharge you should tell you to avoid the company and look for a fairer swimming pool builder.


We recommend you start with looking at our pool shapes to select the one that looks most attractive to you. Each of them has special characteristics and own sizes including different length, width, and depth. Also, you can choose the colour for your new swimming pool and think of any pool customisations that would make your pool even more attractive and enjoyable.

Start by Selecting the Best Pool Shape

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We are lucky enough to enjoy trusted relationships with a number of highly reputable pool builders nationwide. All of the companies we recommend are authorised to install fibreglass pools by Compass Pools Australia. To find the best pool builder near you, simply search for your area using our map or insert the postcode to show the nearest pool builder to you. We hope you continue to enjoy your beautiful fibreglass pool for many years to come.