What are some of the biggest pool planning considerations?

Video transcription: There are lots of exciting things about building a swimming pool. But one of the considerations you need to take into account is what am I dealing with on my block? In many cases we are out at properties which have things such as easements. They are areas which you just can’t build over. It’s on your property but it really belongs to the council.

Other considerations are things like main sewer lines and so forth. There is a house sewer line that generally connects the main sewer lines unless you’re on a system such as a septic tank and that is a different consideration altogether. But where you’ve got a house sewer line that connects to a main sewer line, and you think that is in the path of the pool, that is not such a problem. Those things can be diverted. The main sewer lines for example, or any other thing that is fairly substantial, needs to have really careful consideration as to how we build around it.

Other important factors are thinking of things like how close is the pool going to be to the house, or maybe retaining walls? They are the sorts of considerations that we need to really look at and ensure that when a pool is being built, really when an excavation is being created for the pool,  that we’re not going to undermine any of those structures.

These are just general things that we really want to take into account. If you can get a good understanding of what those things are in relation to where you want to place your pool, this can be a really important starting point.

There are other considerations such as how far you build off a boundary. Most councils will have minimum setbacks. Some are really relaxed and we can actually get quite close. The key thing is just start thinking about where that pool is going to go, what services and so forth you think might exist there and anything you might think might be a potential issue in terms of us coming out and starting to dig that pool in the position you want.

Nine times out of ten we’re going to be able to cope with most of the circumstances quite well and we’re pretty used to it. But if you just get a bit of an idea, we’re certainly off to a good start. Give one of the team a call today on 1300 667 445.

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