Popularity of Plunge Pools

A small back yard doesn’t have to be a barrier to owning a pool of your own. A plunge pool from Compass Pools offers all the benefits of a regular swimming pool in a compact size, perfect for yards where space is at a premium. Plunge pools are becoming more popular with individuals and families who have limited space in their back yards, such as those who live in town houses in more populated areas.

A plunge pool is the ideal choice when you don’t have the room for a full-sized swimming pool. It is a scaled-down version, which offers all the benefits of a larger pool. Plunge pools offer you a generous amount of swimming space, with extra depth, enabling you to benefit from a wide variety of water-based activities while also providing you with the perfect place to relax. It also makes an attractive design feature, which will increase the aesthetic appeal and value of your property.

Benefits of Plunge Pools

Not only does a plunge pool enable you to own a pool when space is tight, it also brings with it all the health and wellbeing benefits of its larger relation. It offers enough space for you to have a serious swim, while the additional depth is ideal for those who enjoy other workout activities in the water. Its small size also makes a plunge pool a great environment for kids. You are able to keep an eye on them at all times for a safe and fun experience. Fibreglass plunge pools can be installed inground or as above ground plunge pools thanks to the Compass patented Maxi Rib technology.

The Plunge & Courtyard Pool

If you are thinking of a pool but your backyard area is limited, Plunge pool is the one to consider. It has all the features and benefits of bigger pools while fitting so well into smaller spaces. Our Plunge pools come in different sizes, with length up to 7.0m. They are extra deep so you can really relax (up to 1.74m).

Compass fibreglass pool shape Plunge 6.2

Plunge 6.2

6.2m x 3.4m
1.42 - 1.7m
Compass fibreglass pool shape Plunge 5.0

Plunge 5.0

5.0m x 3.39m
1.42 - 1.65m
Compass fibreglass pool shape Relax 5.2

Relax 5.2

5.24m x 2.28m
1.36 - 1.36m
Compass fibreglass pool shape Relax 4.0

Relax 4.0

4.0m x 2.28m
1.36 - 1.36m
Compass fibreglass pool shape Plunge 2.8

Plunge 2.8

2.85m x 2.1m
1.2 - 1.2m

Why Choose a Plunge Pool from Compass Pools?

At Compass Pools, we do our very best to accommodate the individual needs of every customer. That’s why our plunge pools come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, with lengths from 2.8 metres to 7.0 metres, to suit a variety of backyards.You can also choose from a collection of beautiful colour options, including our Bi-luminite range, which uses large reflective chips in an innovative flooring system to create a 3D effect in the water when the pool is full.

In addition, our patented ceramic core technology makes your plunge pool highly durable and completely resistant to water damage, ensuring that you and your family can continue to enjoy it long into the future. Please contact us for more information about our range of plunge pools and to discuss your individual requirements.

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Our authorised dealers have installed thousands of plunge pools manufactured by Compass Pools Australia all over Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, ACT, Queensland and other parts of Australia. Browse some of the plunge pool projects built for happy Compass pool owners.

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No Need to Clean Your Swimming Pool

Let the Compass Vantage pool clean itself. The Vantage in-floor cleaning and circulation system is an inconspicuous network of cleaning nozzles built into the pool floor and steps (optional). These nozzles take turns to pop up and push water across the pool floor, forcing the dirt, sand and leaves towards the fixed head and MDX main drain for automated removal.

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Our Pools Are Built Stronger to Last Longer

All Compass Pools come with a Ceramic Core. When looking at a cross-section of a Compass composite swimming pool, the ceramic core can be clearly seen. It’s this core that sets Compass apart. It’s this core that gives increased panel stiffness and improved impact resistance. It’s this core that ensures you are buying the toughest, most durable and innovative composite pool in the world.

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Sloping Site Or Difficult Sites Are Not a Problem

We can build a swimming pool almost anywhere from hillsides, cliffs and even apartment rooftops! Thanks to our award-winning Maxi-rib technology, a system with a set of engineered rib-like structures which support the pool walls when installed above ground, Compass can offer an affordable and reliable option to anyone looking to install a swimming pool on a difficult or sloping site.

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