People are sometimes afraid about what happens after their pool is installed and ready to use. They do not have enough information about the pool maintenance. In particular, they are not sure if they can cope with it themselves, how often the pool would need to be serviced and what the cost would be. Learn more about pool maintenance in this series of advice articles. Specifically, we will talk about cleaning the swimming pool.

One of the most important features of Compass Pools is the Vantage pool water circulation and cleaning system. Thanks to Vantage, the pool water will be mixed up and cleaned with no need to use a pool cleaner. Nowadays, pool owners do not need to worry about regular pool cleaning and the associated costs. The Vantage self-cleaning system can be ordered with every pool in our portfolio. Whether a small or large fibreglass pool, the pool will clean itself.

Compass Pools Australia Pool with Pool Cover and Pool Roller in Contemporary 16.6m CUSTOM Evolution

Pool Covers and Rollers

Pool covers and rollers are one of the most common accessories people choose to add to their swimming pool package. They are a fantastic way to protect your swimming pool from unnecessary heat loss and debris and come in a variety of styles and installation choices to suit any budget and aesthetic. Three reasons why…

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Compass Pools Australia Thinking like a pool owner when buying a swimming pool

Why you should think like a pool owner when buying a swimming pool

Buying a swimming pool can be a really exciting experience, but if you want to be sure that you remain happy with your choices for years to come, it pays to put yourself in the shoes of a pool owner rather than a pool buyer. When buying a swimming pool there are natural and obvious things to think about. Careful consideration should go into important aspects like shape, size, colour, location …

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Compass Pools Australia Pool 101 Enhanced Pool Water Circulation

Circulation: the key to an easy pool!

I’m not sure about you, but the appeal of having my own swimming pool arises from the idea of having my own backyard oasis – resort-style living at home. I picture sunshine, fun-times, and pure relaxation. What doesn’t immediately spring to mind is the weekly (sometimes daily) tasks that go hand in hand with keeping pool water clean, healthy, and safe to swim in. A big part of having a healthy swimming pool (that doesn’t go green and doesn’t give you sore ears …

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Is buying a swimming pool a good investment?

Having a backyard pool can dramatically change your life at home for the better! Many families report that their swimming pool provides countless hours of entertainment for children (keeping active and away from screen time!), increases the amount of quality family time and can be used to boost fitness. Unlike spending money on a holiday, a swimming pool allows you to have resort-style living all summer long …

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Compass Pools Australia - Fibreglass Swimming Pools - Video Screen Thumbnail

Swimming Pool Myths: Pool Maintenance Requires Hard Work

One of the great reasons people choose Compass Pools is we’re often told, our friends told us not to get a pool and that’s why we’ve come to you. That doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense, does it? But what that tells us is that they’ve been out and they’ve been heavily influenced by somebody who owns a Compass pool.

It is usually somebody who owns a Compass pool with a Vantage in-floor cleaning and circulation system. Those friends, family or the people they’ve been influenced by have told them, our pool is easy. What people are saying about owning a swimming pool in terms of it being a lot of work or maintenance to do, that can literally disappear. We’d welcome you to come and talk to us about how we can make that happen for you.

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